Tomorrow is Monday and you already have a headache thinking about the hellish week that awaits you right around the corner. Lots of work, no time for yourself whatsoever and a lot of stress that you’re sure will shorten your lifespan. An organized life seems like a fairytale and all you can think about is how many tasks you must resolve as soon as possible. You probably envy all those influencers that look like they’re living the perfect life, but what you don’t consider is the fact you could make a few changes here and there for maximum benefits.

You’re in charge of your own life, and that means if you want to eat burgers in the middle of the night or you want to exercise early in the morning, no one is there to stop you. If you’re struggling with a busy existence, then why won’t you take a step back and consider applying some of these tips and tricks for a stressless and more productive work week?

Disconnect from everything work-related for a bit and enjoy your hobbies

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Be it 15 minutes, 1 hour or more than that, when you take some time off and do whatever you like, you recharge yourself with energy to keep going. Some like to read a book, others to go for a short walk, and some simply like to play online games. Like, let’s be honest here, we even gamble from time to time just to do something different. Winning money while having fun? Who would say no to something like that? Especially when you don’t even have to play using your own money given the current casino promotions you can find on King Casino Bonus. This might turn out to be quite relaxing and it might help you blow off some steam. Did you get upset or annoyed at work? A huge jackpot might make you feel better.

Make a schedule for the next day

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Probably the worst scenario any of us could imagine when it comes to work is to get at the office and find a super long list of urgent tasks you need to solve as soon as possible. While you cannot control their number, you can definitely set an order for them. Start with the hardest to solve ones as you’re full of energy at the start of the day and end with the easiest ones. Of course, you need to take them in the order of their importance, but with the right schedule, you’ll definitely reduce the stress associated with the high workload and the tiredness at the end of the day.

Avoid procrastinating

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Ok, maybe not every day is overloaded with work, and that’s totally fine, but you shouldn’t postpone a task just because you don’t feel like doing it right now. That might result in a huge pile of tasks later on that will give you an extremely hard time to deal with. You must not forget that while you’re at work, you could get any time a new assignment that will pile-up bit by bit together with all the other tasks you avoided to do.

Come up with a morning routine that will help you start on the right foot

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If you’re waking up 30 minutes before your working program is supposed to start, dress up fast and run to the office, then you should probably reconsider how you do things in the morning. Starting work right after you woke up will just make you feel like it’s probably a better idea to go back to sleep. Instead of doing things like that, why don’t you offer yourself some time of peace and quiet? Enjoy a coffee, read something, chat a bit with your coworkers before you start to work and you’ll have more motivation to do even the most unpleasant things. Make a routine out of it and you’ll see that the quality of each day will improve.

When nothing works, lean on the Tomato motivation to get you through the day

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Although it sounds funny, Tomato’s motivation is actually a real thing that could save you. The Pomodoro Technique is a method of working that pushes people through the lack of motivation. Since Pomodoro means tomato and the old kitchen timers were shaped like tomatoes, the name no longer comes as a surprise. But how does this technique work? Well, you set a timer for a certain number of minutes let’s say 25 minutes, and work till the time is up. Then you reset the timer back to 25 minutes, but not before you take a well deserved 5 minutes break. 

So, there you have it! 5 tips and tricks that will definitely improve the quality of your life during work. Applying them should reduce stress and make you more productive in everything that you do. Enjoy your life and remember, your job doesn’t have to be hell! You have the power to improve it!