Has anything changed in the last few years?  It seems that in the digital work environment the focus remains on certain tech trends like cloud migration, AI, automation, big data and block chain.

The truth is that there has been huge progress within each of these trends.  The speed and forward movement have far exceeded everyone’s expectations and it is continuing to progress.  At the same time there are new trends on the scene like 5G, XaaS and ACPCs, which will soon be in offices all over the world.

You need to be on top of your game in order to compete today and that doesn’t just mean when playing online slots.  It means keeping up with all the latest technology trends.

Below we will look at the top five ways to prepare your workspace for today’s digitally driven market.

Building a solid base for your digital workplace through technology

In order for your workplace to function properly it is crucial that you have the correct digital ecosystem in place. It doesn’t matter how advanced your sales enablement tools are or how experienced your digital employees are, the technology will not work efficiently without it. All the different digital tools that your workplace employs should be fully integrated, the whole system should operate as one integrated tech infrastructure.

Technology needs differ depending on the size of the company and the industry. But across the board it is important that IT and marketing teams work to align all the different tech trends so that they all function successfully and fulfil all of the business objectives without the digital ecosystem being compromised.

Cyberattacks are something that needs to be taken seriously in 2020.  Therefore, each new program needs to be continually checked and must go through constant security vetting.  With all the increased instances of cyber- attacks, one weak link in your ecosystem can cause havoc.

Teach your employees about routine AI solutions

Today AI technology really characterizes the digital workplace.  Research done by Deloitte’s global surveys shows that AI is the preferred technology CIOs plan to invest in.  It is suggested that by the end of 2020 40% of companies and many future startup will have digital workers and not humans.

AI was once seen as something bizarre and futuristic but today it fits pretty well into the modern workplace and some employees are not even aware of its presence.  For instance, Microsoft Office 365 uses many new AI techniques from organizing work calendars to prioritizing emails, assisting workers to construct better documents and increasing both personal and company productivity.

Many users will naturally start using these AI digital solutions or can be helped to learn about them via automatic prompts and/or videos.

It is really important that your employees are up to date with all of the latest AI innovations that are present in the everyday programs that they are using.   This will improve the company’s output and will help to streamline the digital workplace.

Automate manual tasks

In the coming year we also see the expansion of automated manual tasks in the digital workplace.   Surveys taken have shown that 71% of workers surveyed hold that fully automated workplaces should be the ideal situation with 93% believing that the use of digital technologies will create a better digital workplace.

Templafy is a platform for the automation of document creation and knows how much automation tools help the modern organization to function better.  A study done last year, in 2019 found that enterprises with 10,000 users produced a 1,239% ROI after putting in place these automation solutions.

Using Templafy it was possible to create documents 30% quicker. Practically 95% of IT’s involvement was done away with and users were able to gain approximately 4 hours per week by not have to do manual document reviews.

With the need to spend time on repetitive manual tasks reduced, like formatting or creating brand new documents, workers can spend their time focusing more on work of a higher value and concentrate on the real tasks for which they were hired.

Pay attention to the generational technology gaps

Innovative technology is not the only thing that makes a workplace function well. It is important that a strategy be in place that encourages the use of all it’s software and systems that are in place.

The generation gap is often an obstacle to this that needs to be managed.  At the present time we have five generations in the workplace. By 2025, millennials will make up approximately 75% of the global working population.

Therefore, companies need to have a more diverse approach that will cater to the needs of this more mixed generational population and their different attitudes and understanding of technology.

One solution could be to adopt software that is complicated behind the scenes but very easy to use therefore catering to the less technically minded workers but at the same time employing really top end innovative technology.  The ability of your workers should always be a consideration when adopting new software.  Some workers, likely millennials, will adapt to new trends in a few moments and others may struggle and need more help.

Software is continually improving and updating, like the Microsoft Office 365. Therefore, it is important to be up to date with regular training sessions and support for those employees who need it, bringing everyone up to speed with the new tech trends.

Be prepared to move the digital office to the home

By the end of 2020 it is predicted that approximately 83% of companies will move their workloads to the Cloud.   That means that there will almost certainly be a shift in the digital workplace itself.   Working life will not necessarily be centered around one location. Employees will be able to work from anywhere using different apps across a variety of devices.

Employees will be encouraged to combine their business and private lives to a greater extent which may bring benefits.  Currently most workers receive their business and private mail separately so integrating them may make life more efficient.  At the same time combining work and private calendars may make like easier to manage for families when trying to organize their time and plans and to co-ordinate updates.

It is thought that encouraging a more integrated way of life between work and home by using new technologies will be beneficial.  Employees will be more productive than those who separate out between work and home.

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