7 Tips on How to Shoot the Perfect Video Ad

Shoot the Perfect Video Ad

Video ads are quickly becoming the norm on platforms like YouTube and Facebook, but that doesn’t mean every video ad is amazing. There are certain things you can do with the help of a video maker when making your video ad (such as video ad templates) to ensure that it’s both successful and engaging to your audience. Here are seven tips on how to shoot the perfect video ad to help boost your campaign’s performance!

1) Have a Purpose

It’s not just about making an ad that looks pretty; you need a purpose and message behind every video. Before you start filming, you have to know exactly what your video is going to be used for and whom it’s targeting. With a video maker app, like Promo or WeVideo, you can easily create a video with music and graphics—it doesn’t even have to look professional! But if you want something more professional-looking (and if you plan on using your video as part of your marketing strategy), then consider hiring someone who knows how to use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. You could also do it yourself—there are plenty of tutorials online!

2) Keep It Short

Your video ads are only a few seconds long, so it’s important that you take care not to waste time. Make sure your copy is concise and straight to the point. Think about what you want people to do at any given point of your video, and keep it short and sweet—no one wants more than a few words in their ear. A video maker will help make your video ad look good and sound great, but don’t let them distract from your core message. The fewer words you use, the better!

3) Aim for High Quality

Producing high-quality videos will make all of your video ads more successful. Video makers who focus more on producing a high-quality video experience for their viewers will be rewarded with better results. So before you head out to shoot your next ad, double-check that you have all of your gear set up properly and take care to capture images that are crisp and clear. A video maker can’t control how much effort a viewer puts into watching an ad, but they can control how engaging it is from start to finish.

4) Use Good Equipment

The quality of your video content relies heavily on your camera, lighting, and sound. If you’re serious about creating videos for your company’s website or YouTube channel, invest in high-quality gear that will produce crisp footage. A video maker with a good eye can make even an iPhone look professional, but at least use a tripod if you have one. For example, if you have an iPhone 6S Plus with optical image stabilization (OIS), it’s great for shooting video on the go—but not so much when it comes to editing those clips into a polished final product. To get a smooth final cut, shoot with OIS turned off; otherwise, your clips might come out wobbly and distorted.

5) Prepare Well

Whether you’re shooting a live-action video or a clip using animated characters, your ad will only be as good as its production. Take time to plan ahead and organize; it may feel like extra work at first, but proper preparation is essential for nailing that once-in-a-lifetime shot. (Let’s just hope that once-in-a-lifetime shot is of a happy customer enjoying your product.) If you use a video maker app, consider creating a storyboard beforehand so you can nail down what each scene should look like.

6) Get Inspired by Others

You don’t have to be original in everything you do. So look for ways you can improve your work through inspiration. Look at how other people are producing their videos and consider what they’re doing differently than you. If they produce videos that are more enjoyable or get more attention than yours, it may be time for a change in approach. With a video maker, like Promo, you can easily create professional-looking videos. You can do this from scratch by choosing from a library of music and video clips. Just add some text and share with friends!

7) Don’t Forget to Upload Your Video

The most common mistake people make when trying to shoot video ads is forgetting to upload them. Whether your video is good or bad, it should still be uploaded. You never know who will find it and potentially do business with you because of it. If you can’t remember what you shot, then your memory is clearly failing you. So don’t take that chance with valuable business prospects!

Final Word

The most important thing about video ads is that they must be professional. When you are creating your ad, you need to consider 2 things. That’s who your audience is and what kind of message you want them to receive. All too often companies fail with their video ads. That’s because they don’t spend enough time prepping it beforehand or thinking through how it should look. The result: a not-so-great message, poor branding, and wasted money. Make sure your video ad promotes great content in order for it to be successful.