How to Access the Dark Web on Android?

the Dark Web on Android

Deep web has been fueling the heated debates for quite some time. However, what was a topic for tech enthusiasts has now percolated to common users due to the closing of the Silk Road. Many casual web surfers are now turning to the deep web as well. The internet is like an iceberg, only the tip is visible as our regular web browser search results. The deep web is the part of the iceberg that remains mostly hidden compared to the superficial layer that is visible to the common users. This surface web is only 4% of the total available content, whereas the dark web forms 90% of the internet.

What is the Deep Web?

Each database, record, files, and websites that are not indexed by common search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo, show up on the dark web. Since this content is not indexed, therefore it does not show up on a casual search and most people remain unknown to its existence. However, each one of us has used the dark web, intentionally or unintentionally. Bank databases, hospital records, and school records are all a part of the dark web. Such sensitive information can be accessed but is not readily available since it is not indexed by common search engines. Special authorization is required to access information of this nature, which might mean a login ID and password on any dark web search engine.

Is it illegal to access the dark web?

Most people tend to confuse the deep web with a more sinister part of the internet known as the dark web. However, the Dark Web might be a minuscule part of the Deep Web, it is not synonymous to the Deep Web. The Dark Web is categorized as a place for illegal/criminal activities, but the Deep Web simply contains those pages that are indexed. Both are completely legal to access but with the Dark Web one needs to be cautious that it does not lead to participation in criminal activities.

Accessing Dark Web through Android

When the existence of the Deep Web became known to the general public, there was a desire to access it through smartphones. However, it could initially be accessed only through a TOR browser on a laptop or computer. This is not how it is now, there are multiple ways to access the Deep Web on your mobile device.

Process 1: Orbot on Android

The same group of people who create TOR browser has come up with the Orbot Android Application to allow access to Deep Web on Android devices. Setup Orbot by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Install Orbot through Google Play Store.
  2. Open the application, and then set up the VPN connection by tapping on START (If you don’t have a VPN, check out this list of best VPN software to get one right now)
  3. Once the connection is successfully established, two options appear on screen- STOP and BROWSE
  4. Select BROWSE, type the desired URL and you are ready to browse the Dark web

Process 2: Orfox on Android

The Dark Web can also be accessed by installing Orfox on your Android devices. Orfox is a tailored web browser that is structured to specifically browse the Dark Web on your Android mobiles. Configure Orfox on your mobile devices by following the instructions given below:

  1. Lookup for Orfox on Google Play Store and install the application on your Android device
  2. Once the application can be installed, then it can be opened to use
  3. Enter the URL of the website you want access to on the Dark Web and hit the SEARCH button to begin your search.

Process 3: Making Use of Dark Web Search Engines

If you are averse to installing the application on your android devices, there is another way of accessing the Dark Web. This method, however, is not foolproof and can be easily hacked, so there is a chance that it is not safe. This condition makes it an undesirable option, yet if you wish to use this method, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open your Android web user and type in the name, Surf wax in your search bar
  2. This website is specifically designed as a search engine to access content on the dark web. It can be used to search whatever term you are looking for on the Dark Web.
  3. Once the Surfwax website is loaded, you can type in the term you want to search and hit ENTER
  4. Click on any of the following results to visit the content is displayed.

Orfox is, given our experience, the safest method to access the Dark Web, as it is devoted to protecting her privacy and security of the Android user. Links are available of various websites that are present on the Dark Web that can be accessed through hidden wiki directories. However, again caution should be exercised while exploring the Deep Web, as you don’t know what you might come across.