Crunchyroll is a well-known streaming service for Japanese animation. It is available worldwide and it has the largest catalog for licensed anime. Crunchyroll can be watched as a free or by purchasing a premium membership, free membership contains too many ads while watching and it is not a good experience while watching.

Why Adblock Is Not Working On Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll uses an anti-Ad-block detection system for displaying the ads. Crunchyroll has a premium plan for watching the shows without any ads, but it is expensive to watch. There are many tricks and extensions for blocking the ads on Crunchyroll and watching it free without a premium plan.

Different Ways To Block Ads On Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll anime series

1. Purchasing a premium membership of Crunchyroll

We can enjoy unlimited ads-free anime by purchasing a Crunchyroll premium membership. Crunchyroll charges 7.99$ for monthly subscription & 79.99$ for a yearly subscription. It is a legit way for accessing a Crunchyroll without ads.

2. Using a Guest pass

Crunchyroll offers a guest pass for premium members. The guest pass allows a user to invite a friend for checking out the site for free.

How to get a guest pass?

The best way to get a Crunchyroll guest pass is from friends who are already members of the Crunchyroll membership plan, with the use of guest pass we can access Crunchyroll without ads.

There are some other ways to get a guest pass.

1: Anime forums

Anime forums is a place where anime lovers from a world can gather and discuss anime, upcoming anime events, Japanese cultures, and other types of talks. Guest passcodes are posted publically on anime forums, it is available only a few times.

2: Reddit weekly guest pass megathread

Reddit has weekly guest pass megathread for the giveaway of the guest passes. Reddit weekly guest pass megathread shares the code of the guest pass, we have to redeem the code as soon as.

3: Facebook groups/pages

There are many groups and pages are sharing guest passcodes for free. We have to follow or join and be active in those groups and pages. This page shares various information about upcoming anime series and events.

3. Using Ad-block extensions

Due to Crunchyroll anti-Ad-block systems, most off ad-block extension is not working on the Crunchyroll website. But, there are some advanced extensions is still working on Crunchyroll.

AdGuard AdBlocker for Crunchyroll

AdGuard ad blocker is an extension for blocking the ads and popups. It blocks all ads, speeds up the page, and improves the privacy of the page. AdGuard does great work for removing ads and watching Crunchyroll ads-free.

We need to install the chrome extension from the chrome web store.

Steps for installing AdGuard

  1. Download AdGuard from Chrome Webstore
  2. Install the AdGuard extension
  3. Active the AdGuard extension

We need to access a Crunchyroll into a web browser for an ad-free experience into a PC.

Here are some other working extensions for Crunchyroll Ad-block.

  1. AdBlock
  2. Nano finder
  3. StopAll Ads
  4. Ublock
  5. Adblock Plus

We need to install these extensions from the chrome web store.

4. MOD Apk

There are many types of MOD & cracked Application is available for accessing an anime without ads in the mobile version. We can download the MOD application from the websites which provide this type of application.MOD apk does not contains any ads in the application, so we can access an ads-free Crunchyroll without any premium membership.

Here are some websites which provide MOD applications.

  1. com
  2. com
  3. com
  4. io

There are many other sites that also provide this type of application, we can access those websites by simply searching it on web-browser.

So, above are some ways for accessing a Crunchyroll without advertisements.