Are you an Apple AirPods owner experiencing sound coming through from your iPhone even when connected with AirPods? No need for an alarm. This issue is common among AirPods users and may be caused by connectivity issues, misconfigured audio output settings or malfunctioning AirPods or iPhones.

Step-by-step, we will guide you through our troubleshooting process and offer solutions to have your AirPods up and running once more!

Just sit back, unwind, and get those muscles working again.

Why Are My AirPods Connected but Sound Is Coming From My Phone?

Before offering solutions, let’s first understand why this problem has arisen in the first place. Common causes could include issues between AirPods and iPhone;

  • Misconfiguration in audio output settings
  • Malfunction of either AirPods or iPhone
  • Malfunctions within either device itself.

Assuming you understand potential causes, let’s move on to solutions.

Solution 1: Switch Off and On Your Phone’s Bluetooth Again

An easy yet effective approach would be to switch off then back on again your phone’s Bluetooth after just a few seconds; this should reestablish the connection between AirPods and iPhone.

Head into your iPhone’s Control Center, tap the Bluetooth icon to disable and re-enable, then repeat until all desired Bluetooth services have been disabled and turned back on again.

Solution 2: Forget This Device and Re-Pair Your AirPods

This is another possible approach, should this solution not work for you, if the initial solution did not work. Try unpairing and then reconnecting the AirPods from your iPhone using Bluetooth settings before giving another go at pairing them back with it.

To do this, navigate to “Settings” => “Bluetooth” => “Info Icon” => “Forget This Device” before opening up the lid for your AirPods case and holding down the button on the back for 10 seconds in order to re-pair them.

Solution 3: Reset Your Phone’s Bluetooth Settings

If re-pairing didn’t help, try resetting your phone’s Bluetooth settings. This will delete all devices currently paired to it, so ensure any connected ones are reconnected after doing this.

To accomplish this task, navigate to Settings => General => Reset => Reset Network Settings and enter your passcode before verifying.

Solution 4: Reset Your AirPods

Resetting your AirPods may also help solve the issue of your iPhone making sound even after connecting to AirPods.

To do this, place them back into their case with the lid closed, wait 30 seconds, open the lid again and press/hold the button on the back until the LED light flashes white – repeat until finished.

Solution 5: Double Check Audio Output Settings

Double-check their audio output settings if your AirPods still do not function as intended. Ensure that AirPods have been chosen as the audio output device.

To do this, open Control Center and tap the audio output button, selecting your AirPods as the audio output device if needed (Automatic Ear Detection is likely enabled already).

Solution 6: Speak with Apple Support

If none of the solutions above has worked, there may be an underlying hardware issue with your AirPods or iPhone that requires support from Apple Support for assistance.


Why Are My AirPods Not Connecting to My iPhone?

It could be that your AirPods aren’t connecting to your iPhone for various reasons, including low battery, connectivity issues or outdated software.

Can I Improve the Connectivity of My AirPods?

To boost the connectivity of your AirPods, make sure that both your iPhone and AirPods are up-to-date, keep them charged up, and avoid interference from other wireless devices or objects. Alternatively, try resetting both sets of network settings on both.

Can I Fix the Sound Issue on My AirPods Myself?

Yes, there are various solutions you can try in order to address any sound issues on your AirPods, such as resetting Bluetooth settings and resetting AirPods, as well as reviewing audio output settings. If none of this works, it would be best to contact Apple Support directly for help.


AirPods being connected but sound from your phone can be frustrating, yet it’s surprisingly common. By following our solutions, we hope to have helped troubleshoot and restore proper functioning for your AirPods. Be sure to keep both software versions up-to-date and reach out to Apple Support should any hardware issues arise.