American Truck Simulator on Xbox One: Alternatives for Console Players

American Truck Simulator

Are You an Xbox One Owner Who Enjoys Simulation Games? Have You found American Truck Simulator missing on Your Console? Don’t despair, though, as other truck simulation games, such as On The Road Truck Simulator, offer similar experiences. We will take a closer look at these alternatives so that you can select one best suited to your preferences.

On The Road – Truck Simulator

This American Truck Simulator alternative is an immensely popular Xbox One title for vehicle lovers who enjoy driving and managing them. This realistic truck simulation experience gives users access to over 6500 km of motorways and country roads as driving destinations, not forgetting numerous interchanges that add an immersive dimension.

On The Road – Truck Simulator offers players a selection of 18 tonners up to gigaliters that you can select and drive yourself, complete with automatic transmissions, retarder/intarder systems, and assistance systems to ease vehicle control. Furthermore, players may purchase trucks/trailers/drivers/companies to add another layer of complexity that makes the game both challenging and engaging!

Bus Simulator 21

Are you interested in managing vehicles but prefer truck simulation games over managing them themselves? Bus Simulator 21 could be just your thing. Players in this game can drive and manage buses across a fictional map inspired by real locations while unlocking more buses and routes within its career mode.

Bus Simulator 21 challenges players to manage time, fuel, and passengers effectively for an enjoyable journey. Multiple obstacles, such as traffic jams, accidents, and detours, add extra challenge and engagement – Bus Simulator 21 is what you are searching for when looking for an enjoyable simulation game that doesn’t get too complex but still offers rewarding experiences!


SnowRunner is an off-road driving and exploration game. Players take control of various vehicles through challenging terrains such as snow, mud, and rocks. Trucks, SUVs, and heavy machinery vehicles can all be customized and upgraded within this title.

SnowRunner challenges players to effectively manage resources such as fuel and repairs to ensure successful mission completion. There are various obstacles, like difficult terrains, harsh weather conditions, and hazardous cargoes, which add additional challenges and excitement – making SnowRunner an exceptional simulation game experience! If you want something different and thrilling, then look no further.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021

This game offers players the chance to run their own car repair shop. Players must diagnose and resolve various car issues, such as engine malfunction, brake malfunctions, and electrical faults, in a wide array of classic to modern cars that can be restored and customized during gameplay.

Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 challenges players to manage resources such as tools and spare parts in order to complete repairs successfully. There are various challenges, including time restrictions, customer demands, and technical obstacles, which make this game even more engaging and realistic – providing players with both hands-on and educational fun.

Train Sim World 2

This game offers players an immersive railroad experience on real-life routes. In order to do this, players need to operate trains efficiently while meeting passenger delivery obligations on schedule – each train type available ranges from diesel, electric, and steam, which can all be upgraded or customized as desired by players.

Train Sim World 2 challenges its players to adhere to stringent safety protocols in order to operate efficiently and safely. Players face various challenges, from complex signaling systems and adverse weather conditions, unexpected incidents to unexpected surprises that make this simulation game all the more engaging and immersive. If you are looking for something a little different and immersive? Train Sim World 2 could just be perfect.

Final Words

Even though American Truck Simulator is no longer available on Xbox One, simulation games still provide plenty of entertainment and excitement for players interested in driving and managing vehicles. Here are a few great alternatives that offer similar experiences – all perfect if you enjoy driving and managing vehicles. Whatever game you pick will provide hours of fun exploring virtual worlds through simulation gaming.