Apex Legends has left quite an impact on the gaming community. The game is currently running its 10th season with some jaw-dropping features to keep players glued to the screen. This new season has an updated version of the World’s Edge and a new legend, Seer. 

While excellent playing skills are of utmost necessity of the game, taking the help of a few Apex Legends cheats will give an extra push. If you want to enter this wild battlefield of Apex Legends, there are a few things you need to know before entering. 

This is where guides like this will come to the rescue. In this guide, you’ll learn about the top five things every beginner must know before jumping into the game. For more information regarding the topic, continue reading!

Learn about the legends 

Apex Legends has a number of characters or legends which have multiplied since the game’s first season. Each legend has its unique abilities and disabilities. Although all of them carry the same gun, their positive and negative qualities let them play differently. 

Hence, it is vital that you spend some time learning about the characteristics of every legend. It will help you choose the one which you think will suit your playing style the most. 

Prioritize loot 

As soon as you land on the game, your aim should be to get the maximum number of loot. Loot will help you get ammunition, guns, upgrade your weapons, protective gear, healing items, etc. 

You will most likely find loot in the special orange or blue containers inside the buildings throughout the map. Also, you try to choose between what can be useful or not while collecting loot. You should grab whatever comes in the way and throw away unwanted things later. 

Communicate with your squad 

Team communication is the key to winning Apex Legends. Team communication has become even easier with the introduction of the ping system in Apex Legends. Whenever you have to share any crucial information with your squad, you can just press the ping button. 

With the ping system, you can also show your squadmates any loot location and warn them about nearby enemies as well. 

Plan your landing

The game will begin when a team of three jetpacking jumps down to the map from a dropship. One of the members will be the jumpmaster. The jumpmaster decides when to jump and where to land. You might have to take the responsibility of being the jumpmaster. 

Hence, knowing the map, when, and where to jump is critical. You should jump in a spot that is not very crowded and where there are some chances of getting some loot. Try and get the most of your first few minutes on the map by planning the landing accordingly. 

Be brave but not stupid 

You will feel tempted to open fire whenever you spot an enemy, but it does not always work in your favor. Hence, take a moment to analyze the situation. Check if there is an enemy near you whom you may have got the alert, or you could kill the entire squad if you waited some time and got near them. 

Playing clever and being patient is one of the primary things to remember in Apex Legends. 

Pro tip

Take care of your teammates 

You need to remember that you can’t win Apex Legends solo. If any of your team members gets knocked out, it will become extremely difficult for you and the other members to win. 

Therefore, make proper strategies before entering the game and continue communication throughout. Your focus should be on wiping out all enemies at the earliest without becoming their targets. 

Wrapping up 

Hopefully, these five pro tips that we have mentioned have given you a vivid idea about Apex Legends. These are some of the basic things which every player needs to learn before playing the game. Make sure you keep them in mind and play like a pro. 

If you want to learn more such tips and tricks, keep watching this space. For additional queries, comment down below!


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