This is a one of the most popular and extremely amazing software for the download videos from any of the sites. ATube Catcher is providing you a facility to download videos in a different format from YouTube and some other online video sharing platform. Moreover, aTube Catcher have an inbuilt video converter option which you can used to convert downloaded video in a different format and which is a top feature of aTube Catcher software. In sometimes aTube Catcher facing a one error which is aTube Catcher Error 204 and we will guide you a how to tackle with this error.

ATube Catcher Error 204 is appeared after a YouTube give an update to its API. Into this error you face a problem while you downloading a video and you can’t be able to download video anymore. Google made a some changes in YouTube for its new look and some extra additional features. Here, a reason for the “aTube Catcher Error 204” is Google made a some changes in its backend programming hence, you can’t download video from the YouTube. Here, we will give you an easy solution how to solved aTube Catcher Error 204.

Following The Steps To Solve aTube Catcher Error 204 With An Easy Way:

Alright, now we have a solution to remove this error and this is you have to update aTube catcher’s latest version because atube developers find a problem and resolve it. Now aTube Catcher ready to use with YouTube’s new features and look to download video.

Step 1#: Firstly open Atube catcher Software.

Step 2#: then Click on Help button.

Step 3#: now you can see the list on your screen and click on the search updates.

Step 4#: if you face with a Atube catcher Error 204 then you have an outdated software.

Step 5#: after that you have to click on YES button and that redirect you a new web page with new version download link.

Step 6#: then, Download the latest version of aTube catcher and reinstall it.

Final Words

Here, we have very easy solution to solve the aTube Catcher Error 204, hope you understand above steps carefully and if you have any problem regarding this error then you can tell us in the comment section below.