Today we would like to introduce bloxorz level 7, which is a game that examines the capability of logical thoughts and the mental patience of the players by easy gameplay but very habits forming game.

So, your job in the Bloxorz game is that you have to use the arrow keys to manage the rectangular piece that goes in the way of the hole. “Bloxorz game has 33 levels”, and to complete each level of the game you have to require you to accurately measure the position of the rectangular piece, the restrictions, and the position of the hole.

You need to Use the rectangular block to activate the switches and clear the way to the notch. If you haven’t been careful to fall off the edge, you will have to play those levels again.

Below, you can see, how to Beat Stage 7 in Bloxorz with these easy Steps:

# Step 1:

Bloxorz is an easy puzzle game through which the player moves roll a rectangular-shaped block into a hole on the level graph. The piece can set horizontally and roll or hold vertically and move end-over-end. The players move the block by using the arrow switch on the keyboard. In level 7, players need to navigate tight bridge-whist and stages to reach the purpose.

# Step 2:

Then you should hold down then turn on left once and press up so that your block is arranged with the tight band of squares to the top of the “X” on the side of the screen. Move right end-over-end five times. And then you can roll down and hold the right arrow key to set the block on the “X.” A platform will grow in the downside left corner.

# Step 3:

Right after then, reverse your steps so your block is relaxing horizontally on the last two space of squares on the floor at the left-hand side of the screen. And then roll to the right-hand side one time and hold down to make your block to set vertically. Now, your block should be holding up straight across from the newly-raised floor.

# Step 4:

Now, you have to press the right to hold your block horizontally on the newly-raised platform; then roll down. And your block should now be on the small strip of squares under the “X” on the level plan.

# Step 5:

Furthermore, Press up and roll over your block to the right end-over-end double. And then you have to move end-over-end one time towards the top of the screen in your machine. And then Fall down onto the “X.”

# Step 6:

In this Step, you need to Roll down one time and hold the right arrow key to reach your block vertically. And then press the upside arrow to set your block horizontally and roll onetime to the right side of the screen. Your block should be pausing horizontally next to the “X.”

# Step 7:

In this Step, You have to press up to reach your block vertically and move end-over-end two time all. Now, roll the piece of the block to the right of the screen so it is holding on the last two squares. So, press down to move your block vertically.

# Step 8:

In the Final Step, You have to press the right to make your block to hold horizontally. And then roll your block below one time. Now, your block should be on the goal, but as you know, it needs to be vertical to fit into. So, press the right key to hold your piece of block vertically and press down to this it horizontally on the final last two squares of the floor on the right side of the screen.

In the end, roll once to the left side and press up to let your block to come into the final goal.

Final Words:

Thanks Guys for going through this useful information. Using this Information you can get to know about “what is Bloxorz”and “how you can beat in level 7 in the Bloxorz Game”. So, hope you guys enjoyed a lot to use this Information in your routine Game session and please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below.