If you have purchased the all new Apple TV and have already installed your favorite streaming apps and games and still wondering what more you can get from this tvOS then you are at the right place. In this article, you will find that Apple TV is having a treasure of features which are hidden behind the curtain. If you start using these features not only you will feel the ease of using it but you will also have a great viewing experience as well.

Here we are with some of the simple yet effective tips and tricks for your Apple TV which will able you to get the most out of your gadget. Remember Apple has also released tvOS 9.2 with tons of features but it also has some features from the older version as well. So, we have clubbed them together and you just need to go through this article.

Best Apple TV Tips and Tricks

Let Siri Help You

The new version on tvOS in Apple TV has Siri to help you out. You can now easily search the app, movie or even a TV show with the help of Siri. Siri can help you to find out several things on iTunes, Hulu, Showtime, Netflix and HBO. Not only this; Siri can also search within these or any other app by your voice search. So use Siri effectively and get the best and desired result within no time.

Name your Apple TV

For those who are having more than one Apple TV in their home, they can rename their TV with ease. Just follow this path: Settings → General → About → Name and now you can change your Apple TV’s name of your choice. You may also try Custom Name option at the bottom to set your own name as Apple TV.

Adjust the Audio Options

The audio in most of the Apple TV apps has Full Dynamic Range as a default, so if sometimes you find the sound loud and jarring then you can adjust it by just a quick swipe down on the trackpad. Here you can reduce the sound can also choose different language subtitles. If you are using different speakers then also this option will help you to choose them. Apple TV works great with AirPlay and also most of the Bluetooth headphones.

Let the Apple TV Sleep

You can let your Apple TV go for a sleep by setting a time. For that, you need to follow this path, Settings → General → Sleep After and then set the sleep time of your choice. You can even let the Apple TV go to sleep manually by long pressing the Home button and then selecting Sleep.

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All new Aerial Screensavers

If you love the Aerial screensavers then Apple TV won’t disappoint you. Just go to Settings → General → Screensaver → Type Aerial screensavers. Now with Aerial screensavers downloaded now you can change the ‘Download New Videos’ field from Monthly to Weekly or Daily also. Do note that the new videos get downloaded in about 600MB batches.

Easy to Delete Apps

If you think that some of the apps which you are not using are taking a big storage capacity then you can easily delete them with two different ways. One is that you need to long press on an icon then press the Play/Pause button and then select Delete. The other and quick way to delete an app is to go to Settings → General → Manage Storage → Click on Trash icon to the right of the app you wish to delete.

You Own images can be a Screensaver

If you wish that from now on not Aerial screensavers but your own chosen pictures should be the screensavers then you can do that on your Apple TV with ease. Just open the Photos app on our TV and then select the album you wish to make a screensaver of. Tap the screensaver option and set. You can also do the same by following this path: Settings → General → Screensaver → Screensaver Type

More Menu Button Functions

The menu button of your Apple TV can do more than you probably are allowing it to do right now. Like by double clicking it will start the screensaver. By triple clicking, it will activate your Accessibility Shortcuts where you will find Closed Captioning, Zoom, and VoiceOver. If you have more than one features enabled then after triple clicking you will be asked to toggle the shortcut you wish to.

Create your own Playlists

The Apple Music subscribers can easily add their own playlist or create a new one straight from the Apple TV. Just pick up a song to play and then use the touchpad and find the “More option”, at the top of it. Tap on that to add your Playlist. You can select ‘new’ to give a new name to your playlist. If you successfully do this then iCloud Music Library will sync your playlist across all your devices.

Get the App Switcher

Just like iOS the tvOS too has an app switcher where you can find your most recent apps. Just double press the Home button and start swiping left and right and you will get the recent apps in a chronological list. If you swipe up and stop on an app preview, it will close that app.

Move Apps on the Home Screen

If you don’t want to delete an app but want to move it around you need to follow the same steps which you use to delete it. Just highlight the app and press down on the touchpad and that will make the app jiggle. Instead of pressing the play/pause button just use the touchpad to swipe or to move app up or down or around.

Hope you have liked these tricks and tips for your Apple TV and you will be using it more easily by applying them. We would love to get your feedback on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus or here in the comments section.


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