The fourth generation Apple TV is here. People have already started knowing about some of the tricks and tips about Apple TV to get the maximum out of it. But now it’s time to get the best Apple TV gaming controllers because we know you just can’t resist playing those extraordinary games offered by Apple. To keep your excitement going we have picked up gaming controllers for your Apple TV games.

While picking up these 8 gaming controllers which are compatible with Apple TV, we have taken care of your gaming instincts and skills. So, you can be assured of getting the real feel when you are playing any of the games which need any of these controllers. Are you game now?

Best Apple TV Gaming Controllers to Redefine Your Gaming Skills

Best Game Controllers for Apple TV

#1. ANNCIA Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Game Controller

You can fully trust with this controller because it is certified by Apple directly. This is actually a multi-purpose controller so apart from Apple TV you can use it for many other gadgets and gaming consoles as well, so you will get money’s worth for sure. It is extremely easy to use this controller via Bluetooth and then you can easily play your favorite games. You need not add any emulator and jailbreak so you can enjoy your gaming without worrying about too many things.

#2. Coolboy112 Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Game Controller

One more Apple TV gaming controller which is approved by Apple itself so the level of trust is pretty high when you buy it. It is compatible with all those famous games you have heard about and talk about available on Apple TV so all you need to do is just plug in and start playing them. Apart from Apple TV, this gaming pad can work with other Apple phones as well so if you have any Apple phone with you, you can play with this very controller only. It is a great pick to enjoy your Apple TV games.

#3. PXN Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Game Controller

This the official gaming controller for Apple TV is made by PXN just like the other two we have just referred. It is extremely easy to use them as it works with Bluetooth. All you need to do is to connect the controller and your Apple TV and your enjoyment button is ON! This controller is compatible with most of the MFi compatible games and hence you will be able to play almost all games offered on your Apple TV. It also has a smartphone clip for iPhone and iPod so you can continue your gaming anywhere anytime.

#4. C-Zone Wireless Gaming Game Handheld Controller

This controller made for Apple TV has pressure sensitive buttons so you will get precise control and also accurate response when you are playing your favorite games. Not only that it also offers the best action play so you get the real feel while playing games. There is an inbuilt battery which will allow you to have longer gaming hours without having any worry about disruptions. What’s make this controller different than the rest is that it is compatible with all the games available on Apple TV.

#5. Mad Catz Mobile Gamepad and Game Controller

Absolutely ideal gaming controller for Apple TV is here. Not only it is compatible with most of the games but it offers long lasting battery life as well. So you can play almost all the games on your Apple TV with a longer period of time. The AAA battery has almost 40 hours of gaming time. It is having a compact design so that you can carry it anywhere. If you attach the Apple lightning Digital AV adapter with this controller then you can have the best gaming experience on widescreen.

#6. SteelSeries Wireless Gaming Controller

The buttons of this Apple TV gaming controller are pressure sensitive so that you can get the precise gaming control every time you play your favorite games. It has a design like the good old gaming consoles where there are left and right analog triggers so that will be an added advantage for you to play your games. With Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity you can be assured of seamless wireless playing experience. The lithium ion battery which is rechargeable will give you 40 hours of gaming period. This comfortable and ergonomics of a full-sized controller are waiting for you.

#7. HappyCell Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Game Controller

This is another Apple approved gaming controller for Apple TV. It is compatible with various controller games on Apple store and especially with the PXN software which is available in the Apple store. Unlike many other gaming controllers this controller offers you a money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the controller, you can return it within 30 days. This is not it, the company also offers you a one year warranty as well. So without worrying about too many things you can take the full advantage of gaming with this driver.

#8. Megadream Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Game Controller

Approved by Apple, this controller is made from high-quality rubber and has been painted really well to get the special finish. The surface of this controller has been made with extra care so that you will get a consistent grip while playing even for a longer period of time. Not only the grip, if we talk about the feel, you can be assured about the smooth feeling. It is anti-perspiring so the controller will not slip from your hands at any point of time. So just use your gaming skills when you are having this controller in your hands.


You must have noticed that almost all of the Apple TV Gaming Controllers we have listed above are one way or the other, approved by Apple itself. When the company itself approves something you got to trust it. So pick up the controller you find suiting your needs and start enjoying your gaming skills.


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