If you want to experience iOS Apps on your Windows, PC, and MAC than you should try these best 10 iOS emulators to run iOS apps quickly you have landed at the right place.

Using an android or iOS emulator to run a mobile app on your desktop operating system has many advantages.

With this iOS emulator you can duplicate the mobile devices without any hardware cost, you can even enjoy games like Pokémon and PUBG and more and apps also if you don’t have any apple device.

All you need good emulator device that emulate your favorite iOS apps to other operating system. Emulators are capable of running apps on one or many operating system like MAC, Windows, and PC.

I have collected the list based on the user’s opinion and lots of research.

So, let’s get started:

Free iOS Emulator for (Windows, MAC, and PC)

  1. App.IO
  2. Appetize.IO
  3. Ipadian
  4. Smartface
  5. Mobione Studio
  6. Ripple Emulator
  7. Imame
  8. Air Phone
  9. Xamarin
  10. Electric Mobile Studio

1#: App.IO


App.IO is one of the best IOS  Emulator in the market. It is very easy to navigate and very easy to use.

Sometimes it takes much time for uploading the apps because it’s a bit slow to run and its cloud based emulator.

App.IO is developed on the basic of the cloud. All you need to do is sync the IOS .app.io and the android file with this then enjoy with this IO.

You can access it from several devices like windows, Mac, android, etc.

Mostly people like this emulator to play Mozilla, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari Browser and iPhone compatibility.

Rating = 3.5/5

2#: Apptize.IO

Apptize.io is very similar to App.io better than App.io. In my opinion this emulator is really a very good emulator.

When you download and install in your device for use an appetize.io then you can use it for free for the first 100 minutes.

While your free minuets get done then you have to charge o.o5$ per minute to use this amazing emulator.

It is popular for testing cross platform mobile HTML 5 applications without going through a complicated setup process.

Rating = 4/5

3#: iPadian


iPadian is the best iPad emulator for windows and nifty tool that answers to your questions.

There are many tools like iPadian that are pretty popular for providing an iPad or iPhone like experience on PC or Mac.

iPadian work like a custom layer on the top of your iOS  and then you can install certain iOS  like apps from the app store.

With the help of this emulator you can get an amazing apple features like Watch OS, TV Series, iMassages and Siri.

This emulator has UI which is very easy to use and you can get it without paying any cost.

iPadian also includes popular app. Son iPad such as YouTube and Instagram as   well as popular iOS  games like angry birds.

Rating = 4/5

4#: Smartface


Smartface emulator also the best iOS  emulator and it is an exclusive app for professional developers where they can easily develop anything for iOS .

This iOS  emulator has the most powerful features to help you test your application.

You can also download this emulator in free or paid. Smartphone iOS  emulator premium plan starting from 99$ and you can choose your plan by your necessity.

There is not too much requirement of this emulator.

I recommend you download first free version of this emulator if you like this free version of this emulator then you can upgrade your plan anytime.

The program also includes a module to debug your app and real time code changes.

This emulator allowing to users to test any application not just on IOS  environment but also through different screen sizes.

Rating = 4/5

5#: Mobione Studio

Mobione Studio

This is another impressive iPhone emulator on the list is Mobione studiOS . Mobione is a perfect service for developing cross platform apps that runs both on android and iOS .

I love this emulator and I personally use this emulator to run apps in my pc and also iOS  apps, games. If you want to play iOS  games like PUBG then this is the best emulator for you.

Then I recommended this emulator for your PC, people plays game like PUBG but in this emulator you can play all the iPhone games.

Rating = 4/5

6#: Ripple Emulator

Ripple Emulator

Ripple emulator is another best emulator for PC with this help you can run from iOS  1 to iOS  11 apps.

You can run latest version apps of iOS  in this emulator. This chrome extension emulator allows you to test custom tailored to mobile HTML 5 application.

Ripple also allows you to use their existing tools to perform JavaScript debugging, HTML DOM inspection and automated testing.

The best thing about this emulator is there is no longer process to get it up and run.

Rating = 3/5

7#: iMAME


iMAME is a perfect emulator for playing IOS  games. Imame is modified android version from open sourced iMAME project.

The downloading and installation process of IOS  games on Imame is not the best emulator out there but your work will be done.

Imame allows it’s user to be able to play IOS  games on your computer.
If you have not any apple devices and you want to play your game is exclusive only on the app store then this IOS  emulator is for you.

Imame uses low resource and power consumption and this emulator works without any clutter.

Any average computer would be able to run and load games on the emulator without facing further issue.

Rating = 2.5/5

8#: Air Phone

Air Phone emulator

I think you will love this emulator too, by the name of this emulator, you will understand that this is an iPhone emulator for PC.

You can see this emulator rating below I have given 4 out of 5. This iOS  emulator has a UI that resembles iOS  6.

This emulator allows you to play games and using iOS  applications. IT is worth nothing that you need Adobe AIR framework for this application to work correctly.

Air iPhone emulator lacks doesn’t support some main application like safari and app store and it’s reproduces the iPhone’s GUI.

With this emulator help developers can use this emulator for testing the layout before finally compiling the application.

Rating = 4/5

9#: Xamarin


Xamarin is the officially apple emulator that is created for testing the apps developed for iOS .

This emulator is not for beginners, there is some learning curve to use this emulator to its full potential.

Xamarin can only run applications that are developed for IOS  8 or later.

Xamarin is perfect for testing the application’s compatibility in multiple aspects.

As compare to other IOS  emulators available in the market, Xamarin is more complicated to run.

Although this emulator is best suited for professional developers, conventional developers are too for try this software.

Once you download this emulator on your windows pc I am sure you will like this emulator 100%.

Rating = 3.5/5

10#: Electric Mobile Studio 

Electric Mobile Studio

The last iOS  emulator on the list is Electric mobile studio that is dedicated to developing and testing iOS  applications ND GAMES.

Using this emulator you can test your apps both for iPhone and iPad. Electric mobile studio provides up to 10 of nifty feature that make developing and testing apps a breeze.

You can control HTML 5 help with the Electronic Mobile Studio.

IN simple words, electric mobile studio is a windows friendly IOS  web development, profiling and testing tool.

Rating 2.5/5



These were the 10 best iPhone emulators that will be used for your interest.

If you have any other iOS  emulator than please share with us in the comments section below.