“GMod” is also known as “Garry’s Mod”, is an online testing environment which uses for physics game for Windows and Mac-based computer operating systems that uses assets from games which are developed by Valve Corporation.

“GMod” lets you generate objects and shapes and use specific mechanisms to handle these objects and characters in multiple ways, such as building a thermonuclear weapon or creating the roles of “Team Fortress 2” to perform a can-can dance. You start “GMod” as a primary expert character, but can change anytime your character through the “GMod” options menu.

If you are new to GMod and you are not aware that, how to change your player model? I’ll explain to you, how to adjust it!

Please follow the steps given below to change your player in GMod

Step 1:Hold C then click on “Player Model”

– While in the game, press C to take up the context menu, and then“click on the Player Model icon to open the player model menu”.

Step 2: Choose a new Player Model

– Once finished 1st Step, choosing a new player model just by clicking the icons on the right side of the computer screen. One more important thing is, on the left hand side of the screen, “you will be able to see a preview of the Player Model”.

Step 3: Destroy yourself in the game

Your newly created Player Model in GMod will only be updated after you will have respawned. So you need to be respawned directly and have your “new Player Model in GMod”, you will have to type kill in the console (Press Shift+Esc to open console) or just self-kill in the game using weapons or rocket launcher.

That’s it! Now you have changed your Player Model in GMod!

In case, If you want to see how you look like in the game, just reproduce a chair from the “vehicles” tab, lie on it by holding E, then press Ctrl to change to third-person view so you can be able to see yourself and move the camera around you!

Final Words:

In this Article, we reformed the knowledge about “what is GMod” and “how can you change your player model in GMod”. We’ve mentioned proper steps to change the Player Model in GMod. So, now you can enjoy by the reading this useful article and the playing Games.