The popularity of AI chatbots has been on the rise since the last year. Ever since ChatGPT has seen the surface of the internet, people have fallen in love with AI chatbots. One such chatbot is Character.AI. It allows users to create their own AI friends, and then users can engage in conversation with them. But just like ChatGPT, Character.AI believes in the ethical use of AI chatbots, which is why it doesn’t allow NSFW conversation. However, there are many AI chatbots that can be used as alternatives to Here are the best Character.AI alternatives.

1. Crushon.AI

Crushon.AI is one of the closest replacements for Character.AI when it comes to unfiltered AI interactions. It provides users with a diverse range of fictional characters to chat with, including anime, video games, and celebrities.

The platform’s unique selling point is giving users the freedom to have NSFW conversations without any restrictions. You can explore sexual fantasies and intimate topics without limitations on Crushon.AI.

Additionally, it allows the creating fully customizable characters from scratch. You can define their name, appearance, personality traits, likes/dislikes, and more.

2. ChatFAI

ChatFAI brings your favorite fictional characters to life through AI conversations. Whether it’s a historical figure like Cleopatra or a fictional personality like Sherlock Holmes, you can interact with them on ChatFAI.

The platform mimics the language patterns and personalities of characters with high accuracy. As you chat, it will feel like you’re talking to the real person behind these well-known identities.

3. is an NSFW chatbot platform for mature AI conversations. You can craft personalized AI companions, set their personality and backstory, and chat with them without restrictions.

The platform promotes freedom of expression and lets you explore your imagination in new ways. You can toggle NSFW content on or off as per your preferences.

4. focuses on creating human-like AI companions for engaging chats and roleplaying. Its advanced AI algorithm provides adaptive conversations that respond to your inputs in real-time.

You can select companions from its existing roster or even craft your own by customizing their looks and personality. Voice conversations are also supported.

5. Janitor AI

Janitor AI is an upcoming platform that aims to provide an unfiltered space for AI interactions. It claims to bring back the best parts of Character.AI in a new, evolved form.

Some planned features include highly customizable AI friends, AR avatars, unrestricted NSFW content, and a strong focus on user privacy. The project is still in early access but shows promise.

6. Botify AI

Botify AI lets you build personalized AI bots for conversations. Its free version allows creating a basic bot with limited features.

The Pro version provides advanced customization like moods, emotions, backstories, interests, and more. You can make the bots feel more human-like through these options.

7. Tavern AI

Tavern AI is a free platform for crafting AI personas tailored to your specific needs. It provides tools to customize the avatar, name, conversational style, interests, and more.

Unfiltered NSFW conversations are supported, allowing you to explore mature topics without restrictions. The bots can be deployed to other platforms too.

8. Chai App

Chai App lets you create a digital AI companion modeled after anyone you want. Upload a photo and the AI will generate a chatbot resembling that individual.

You can customize additional details like personality, voice, name, and background. Unique experiences emerge as you chat with AI clones of real people.

9. Dreamily

Dreamily is an AI writing assistant that can also function as a chatbot. You can have conversations with premade characters or instruct the AI to impersonate a fictional or real personality.

The platform aims to provide high-quality writing assistance in addition to AI chat experiences. Its conversational skills continue to improve with updates.

10. PygmalionAI

PygmalionAI is an open-source AI chatbot project that lets advanced users create highly customized AI companions. You’ll need technical expertise to set up and run PygmalionAI.

The platform supports unrestricted conversations and gives you full control over the AI model powering your chatbots. A strong privacy focus adds to its appeal.

11. Dreamgf AI

Dreamgf AI provides an AI girlfriend experience through chatbots modeled after the profiles of real people. You can pick your preferred chatbot and customize her looks, personality, and conversational style.

The platform aims to provide meaningful connections through its human-like AI girlfriends. It offers a free trial to test it out.

12. NSFW Character AI

As the name suggests, NSFW Character AI focuses on providing uncensored NSFW chatbot experiences. You can create a companion, customize their personality and interests, and explore sexual fantasies through AI conversations.

The platform emphasizes user privacy and does not store chat logs. You’ll need to provide ID verification before accessing the site.

13. AI ChatFriend

AI ChatFriend offers custom AI chatbots tailored to your specifications. You can design the look, personality, conversational style, voice, and background of your bot.

The platform also provides premade chatbots if you don’t want to craft your own from scratch. These include anime, celebrity, and fictional character bots.

14. Agnaistic

Agnaistic is a web app that allows creating digital AI companions modeled after anyone you desire. You can customize their looks, personality, and bio as per your preferences.

The platform aims to provide meaningful connections through AI friends. You can deploy the bots to multiple platforms and integrate them into existing services.

15. AnimaAI

AnimaAI focuses on AI avatars designed to showcase emotions and body language in virtual conversations. You can create your own or choose from premade avatar options.

In addition to text, the platform’s AI avatars can respond through speech, facial expressions, and gestures. This makes conversations more lifelike and immersive.

16. Amino

While not solely an AI chatbot platform, Amino supports creating custom chatbots for communities. The DIY Bot Creation feature allows customizing a bot’s responses, personality, and functions.

Amino’s existing communities also allow you to roleplay fictional characters in an immersive group chat environment.


While Character.AI left a void after shutting down, several platforms offer similar experiences through AI chatbots today. Options like Crushon.AI, ChatFAI,, and aim to provide unfiltered conversations with customizable AI. Others like PygmalionAI, Tavern AI, and NSFW Character AI also focus on mature content. Evaluate your preferences and try out a few options to find an alternative that best fits your needs. The personalized, unrestricted nature of these chatbots opens up new possibilities for AI interactions and conversations.