How to Clear a WoW “World of Warcraft” Cache?

How to Clear a WoW

We’re going to help you today to understand regarding WoW cache, “While playing “World of Warcraft” isn’t working well, one of the easiest things you have to do is troubleshooting to clear the game’s cache”. The cache is created to reduce load times and CPU cycles by collecting some of the data there for fast access.

A corrupted cache can let the game into fail or perform defectively, meaning its deletion is an essential step to repairing the difficulty. You should feel free to deleting the cache because it’s won’t spoil your game and the cache will be restored when you next start-up again.

You just have to close the “World of Warcraft” game and any other Blizzard games and close the launcher of the client as well. Because these programs will actually be need to closed so that the cache can actually be deleted directly and restored.

You just have to Press “Ctrl-Shift-Esc” to start the Task Manager on your computer.  I’ve yo say one more important thing, “Users using OS like Windows can likewise press “Windows-X” and then select Task Manager menu  from the power user menu on their screen”.

In this step, select the Processes tab and find the file name as “agent.exe.” and then click the “End Process” key to close the process. So, this will completely close the launcher and Blizzard agent as well, so that it cannot prevent or be accidentally damaged by deleting any of the caches.

Now you can press “Windows+R” to open the Run menu and type the following path into the text box, without quotes: “C:\ProgramData\

On the path given above, where the Windows stores cache data and other similar data for various applications, including Blizzard games like “World of Warcraft.”

You can easily Find the “Blizzard Entertainment” folder and delete it whenever you need it. Because this folder includes the cache data for all Blizzard games which are placed on your computer currently. In case, “if you only want to clear the WoW cache”, then you can go to the folder named “World of Warcraft” and delete it easily.

Now, run the client-side launcher and start the game “World of Warcraft.” Now, the game will create a new cache on their own, which should fix some issues you were encountering previously. If the problem still continues, then you have to contact Blizzard technical support team for further assistance and troubleshooting.

These are the most useful things you should keep in mind:

It is very useful to do technical troubleshooting, and clearing the cache can be helpful for some add-ons. Add-ons designed to settle rare competitors like SilverDragon or NPC Scan note monsters which are already seen in the cache and do not pop up when they generate, even if that appears to be an attacker you’re seeking for. That’s why clearing the cache will clean the slate so that the add-on can be pop-up accurately when the beast generates.

Systematically clearing a cache is a good habit to develop, as it reduces the possibility of cache errors, fraud, or out dated data conflicting with your game’s performance. You should be making this process as part of your usual computer maintenance routine, along with such anti-virus scans and other security and performance maintenance is a very good way to keep a track.

One more important thing is, sometimes, that “Pc takes times to load right after the cleaning your cache and that will be a little bit slower than normal load that is normal”. Because, the cache has to be rebuilt every first tie after the clear cache, which means the data has to be reloaded into it again, which needs a little bit more time.

Advice to be taken care of:

Although it’s easy to delete your WoW cache, you need to take care that doesn’t delete any other data except specially notified to by a Blizzard tech support staff member. Because deleting the wrong files can be dangerous implications for your game’s performance and functionality either way. Especially don’t delete it if not needed.

Final Words:

Thanks guys reading this useful information given above. We’ve mentioned above, what is WoW cache and how it’s cache generating. Most importantly we’ve given useful information regarding “how you can clear WoW cache”. Hope you guys enjoyed and feel free to ask any queries in the comment section given below.