Here, this link content com android browser home is used by users to set a default home page and default browser on your Android device. In today’s internet era we will use more and more internet through our mobiles or tablet. On this device we will use the internet by internet browser like Chrome, Mozilla and UC browser etc. in this tutorial we will suggest you how to set up a home page on your browser and how to set a default browser through content com android browser home.

However, all type of browsers provides a facility to change your homepage and customize by your choice. One of the best things is that you can set anytime you want and that’s have not any problem with that. This code content com android browser home works for all type of android devices. This “content com android browser home” will work on all the android versions.

1#: How to set any type of internet browser as default on your Android device:

  • First, open the setting on your device.
  • Then select apps and check the default option.
  • Then after select default apps.
  • After that select your favourite browser that you want to set default.
  • Then exit from the setting.

Now alright, you have set your default browser successfully on your device. Next, we will suggest you how to setup a default homepage on your internet browser.

2#: Follow the below steps to set a homepage on your default Internet browser by “content com android browser home”:

Step 1#: Firstly open your default internet browser that you can use regularly.

Step 2#: Then select the menu button from the browser.

Step 3#: After select android browser setting option.

Step 4#: After that select GENERAL setting.

Step 5#: Now you have to tap on the SET HOMEPAGE option.

Step 6#: After that exit the setting.

That’s it; this is the complete process to set homepage successfully on an internet browser.

Final Words

Here, we have all the steps to set default internet browser and how to set the homepage on a browser with the help of content com android browser home. We hope this article becomes helpful to you. And if you have any query regarding this post then please tell us in the comment section below.


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