Top 5 Tips to Create PPC Landing Pages

Top 5 Tips to Create PPC Landing Pages
Top 5 Tips to Create PPC Landing Pages

PPC Landing Pages are the most fundamental section of a PPC Campaign since landing pages are the ones that make a difference in the percentage of costs and quality scores. Hence top companies like The Search Assembly and other similar top companies always aim at building attention-grabbing landing pages. The top 5 tips to keep in mind while coming up with a PPC landing page are;

Smart and dynamic page design

Your landing page should appear to be neat, methodical, as well as alluring. This basically means that opt for a simple format yet make use of appropriate text and background colours, attractive images, easy font type and font size, etc. Also keep up with a proactive landing page that might include filling a form, purchasing a product or service, making payments, downloading an e-book, signing a newsletter or just simply browsing. This will help in converting leads to sales.

Highlight offer values

Whenever a viewer opens your page, his or her eyes should get stuck to the offers and discounts, i.e. the benefits of your company should enjoy the limelight for you’ll only have 8 seconds to convince them. For this, always put in Headers and Banners. And also subheads for a short description so that the broadcast remains bright and distinct. Now if the offer is good enough, there are many who might click on it for further information, and among those many, some will be there who’ll be willing to purchase.

Add Trust Signals and Trust Badges

Every company has a first time for every customer, and hence the customer needs a sign or reason to keep his faith on your company which is why the presence of trust symbols are necessary on your landing pages. Always put in reviews from past clients and customers so as to create a kind of believe in the minds of the new ones. You can as well make use of trust badges like logos of brands with whom you’ve previously worked, previously received recognitions and endorsements, etc. Well known testimonials and associations kind of help viewers to try out your service.

Create a mobile-friendly page

Mobiles are part and parcel of our lives, many people nowadays hardly purchase computers and laptops since each and everything has a mobile version. Thus for your page to bloom always see to the fact that the page moulded is easily operable from all sorts and featured mobiles. If in any case, your landing page fails to function (navigation and loading) properly on the various types of mobile standards, then your brand might suffer quite a lot.

Run a various test before launching

Without running, primary tests do not even think of launching the page. Test your page and record down the results and look for issues that might be dealt with. Also do not forget to track your tests so that you get to understand the reason for the results. These results will help you either to rectify or make the page much better day by day.


There is no doubt more to be added to the list based on various specifications and all, but these are 5 of the most followed and recommended measures to be taken to form efficient landing pages in PPC campaigns by each and every one.