Baldur’s Gate is a fantasy role-playing video game launched in 1998. Baldur Gate’s enhanced version is launched on 2012. Baldur gate’s mobile version is also available in Google Playstore. Baldur’s Gate game includes many weapon, Crom Faeyr hammer is a one of the best weapon in Baldur’s Gate.

About Crom Faeyr:

Crom Faeyr is a warhammer, it boosts the wielder’s strength to the maximum and instantly slays Stone Golems, Clay Golems, Ettins and Trotts on hit.

  • Weapon Type: War Hammer                          
  • Magical: Yes
  • Strength: 25
  • Cold iron: No
  • Silver: No
  • Enchanted: 5
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Obtained from: Cromwell
  • Combat Type: Melee

It is the true name that the dwarven weaponsmith, Silver blade gave to the weapon intented to create for his son. However, his son died before the weapon was ever completed, but here is its stand complete forged from the combined magic of the original hammer with gauntlets power of ogre power and girdle of frost giant strength. Crom Faeyr give the users to power of the original warhammer of Thunderbolts, also ability to kill the trolls, ettins additionally enormous strength and golems in one blow. Cromwell in Athkatla will combine the hammer of Thunderbolts, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Girdle of Frost giant strength and Crom Faeyr scroll for 10000 to create the hammer. Crom Faeyr can be retained as a reward of the tier 3-2 battle.


Crom Faeyr strength boosts applies when wielding it in main or off-hand. It is the first obtainable melee weapon that is not specific to the one class and therefore can hit demons and mages protected by Improved Mantle. Crom Faeyr hammer is more than the sum of its components can be put on different characters. Something to consider before running off to Cromwell.

How to Get the Crom Faeyr Warhammer in      “Baldur’s Gate 2”?

Crom Faeyr Warhammer weapon is most powerful, significantly boosting the wearer’s strength, strongest of these artifacts, and instantly slaying certain type of creatures it is wielded against.

Steps to Find the Crom Faeyr in “Baldur’s Gate 2”.

  • Talk with the wizard named Madeen in the Council of Six building placed in the government of Athkatla.
  • Accept Madeen’s quest to find out the man Valygar in the Umar Hills.
  • Travel to the Umar hills and convince Valygar to join the party or kill him and take his corpse.
  • Go away from valygar’s house and go to the nearby Temple Ruins. Make you way to the bottom level of the ruins and kill the shadow dragon Thaxll’ssillyia.
  • After that search the dragon’s body afterward and get the Crom Faeyr scroll to search there.
  • Now, Jump to the Windspear Hills and in the fight, defeat the warrior Tazok, who can be found in the dungeon near the red dragon Firkraag. After defeating, collect the key you get on the Tazok’s body.
  • Back to Athkatla and go inside the house near the Planar Sphere in the Slums District.
  • The door of the Planar Sphere will open. After that, Kill the wild half warriors in the Planar Sphere and get Gauntlets of Ogre Power you get on their bodies.
  • Go into the sewers from one of the manholes in the Government District and find the secret door that can be opened with Tazok’s key.
  • Go inside the door and take the Hammer of Thunderbolts you get in the cauldron in the center of the room.
  • Play through the game until the party is transported to the Underdark in Chapter Five. Go to the caverns of the amphibious Kuo-Tuoa creatures and kill the demon knights near the statue of the demon lord Demogorgon. Take the Girdle of Frost Giant Strength you find on one of their bodies.

So, above are the steps for getting Crom Faeyr Warhammer.

Final conclusion:

Crom Faeyr is one of the strongest Warhammer weapon in the Baldur’s Gate. In this article, we explained information about Crom Faeyr and how to get it.


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