Are you fond of building castles? Or being on a battlefield? If yes, you must have heard a stunning action-packed shooting game named FORTNITE BATTLE  ROYALE. If not, you have been living under the caves.

Fortnite apk is one of the best online shooting games which is already known to the whole bunch of players. The game is an online game requiring multiple players to fight against each other using lethal weapons and strategies while building castles. You gotta save your castle before it gets demolished by the other goons, the other players. The main motive is to kill every other player and be the end winner. This sounds a lot similar to PUBG, right? And trust us, it is but with differences. Yes, it has more additional features and has different gameplay.

But when we discuss the graphics and visuals, it surpasses all the other games and encloses a real-world combat experience with high definition quality and sound. Not only that, it has an easy interactive user interface to understand.

The game promises to deliver the best fighting experience you can ever have while being in an android game. We know you might be having doubts regarding the grade of enjoyment the game furnishes with respect to the CD versions for gaming consoles, but we assure you that having the same level of quality and zeal to play the game is just made better when your game became portable on your android devices.

Now that you have thought of having your first fight and first castle, you need to install the game in your android devices. For that, you are not charged a single penny. Yes! Another added benefit is that the game is absolutely free of cost. We are also helping you out to download the game and providing you the link as well as the whole process.


Before going to the download guide,  have a look at the features of Fortnite battle royale apk to know why the game is the heartthrob of the citizens. The game offers many other features apart from these but only the main ones are mentioned below.


If you want to enjoy the fighting battle with your mates and enjoy some free time together, fortnite allows you that option. Yes! This game is an online game which permits multiple users from different locations to come together and have a fight.


Usually, most games have limitations when it comes to store stocks. They do no propose new gameplay necessities like weapons, characters, treasure and more. But this apk carries out store updates on a regular basis making sure that the eagerness to play the game never gets faded with time. Thus, you get new products every now and then.


Like PUBG, Fortnite apk also confer three maps to choose from. You can settle a plan where you desire to build your castle. Apart from that, the zest of wanting to be the best among a bunch of players in different locations keeps the soul of the game alive that you do not get exhausted of the game ever. The developers have managed to add on conditions that keep the players engaged.


Any battling game requires a considerable amount of time to adapt to the gaming controls. But with fortnite apk, you take minimal time to know and understand the controls. Besides that, the clumsiness of multiple accessories is reduced to null as all the accessories are segregated based on the type which is easy to equip and swap even during the live gameplay.


The well-sophisticated graphics and sound quality make sure that the game holds a certain level of class among its peers. The visuals created are extremely realistic for the player to endure the battleground and deliver its best. So go and have a fight now!


Downloading and installing fortnite apk is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. We are giving you all the steps you have to follow to get the game on your device. Follow the steps given below.

  1. We are providing a link below to download Fortnite apk. Click on it to start the download process.

Download Fortnite Apk

  1. Click on OK to initiate the download.
  2. After the download is complete, the gamer would be directed an installation page to ask for permission to install the game.
  3. Tap on install option and the installation process shall start. Wait for a few seconds and you would have Fortnite apk in no time.

Search for the game icon in the apps. Open it and start with your fighting battle right now. Good luck!



The multiplayer game is one of the most adventurous games with the most detailed graphics and amazing sound experience that you will never be bored and be engaged. Fortnite Battle Royale, developed by EPIC GAMES, manages to create a rush even after having the most uncomplicated winning agenda that is killing the others, build your castle, be the lone ruler. To achieve the same, the developers have managed to keep an interactive user interface. Building and breaking of the castle could never be any easier by just a tap of the button.


The Fortnite Battle Royale is a multiple player engaging games with surreal visuals and graphics with convenient and easy to adapt gaming controls. The gamer has to conquer battles using his or her skills and lethal weapons that he or she gains throughout the gameplay. The sole purpose is to be the last one standing and build a castle while fighting the enemies who turn out to be other players of the game. The game does have similarities to another popular shooting game PUBG but is different.  The apk surely provides the identical thrilling gaming experience as in CD version for consoles years ago.


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