ObinsKit is an indispensable software tool for owners of the popular Anne Pro 2 mechanical keyboard. This powerful utility unlocks the Anne Pro 2’s extensive customization capabilities and allows you to tailor the keyboard to your exact preferences. Let’s check out what ObinsKit is, its key features, how to install and update it, and why it’s a must-have app for getting the most out of your Anne Pro 2 keyboard.

What is ObinsKit?

ObinsKit is the official companion software for Anne Pro 2 keyboards manufactured by Obinslab. It provides an intuitive interface that gives you complete control over the Anne Pro 2’s programmable functions. With ObinsKit, you can:

Customize the per-key RGB lighting effects and create unique illumination profiles.

Program macros and custom key bindings.

Adjust tap, hold, and toggle behaviors for each key.

Update the keyboard’s firmware and modify advanced settings.

In a nutshell, ObinsKit unlocks the Anne Pro 2’s powerful customization capabilities and lets you transform it into your ideal keyboard optimized for your personal workflow and style.

Features of ObinsKit

Here are some of the most useful features accessible through ObinsKit:

Extensive RGB Lighting Controls

ObinsKit gives you full mastery over the Anne Pro 2’s spectacular RGB backlighting. You can choose from a wide selection of colorful preset effects, adjust brightness and speed, and even create custom lighting profiles for each individual key. With ObinsKit’s lighting controls, you can deck out your Anne Pro 2 with stunning reactive effects, rave-ready rainbow wave patterns, or a clean uniform backlighting style.

Macro Programming

One of ObinsKit’s most powerful features is the ability to program macros on any key. You can set single keys to type out commonly used phrases, emoji, and code snippets or combine macros with delays, media controls, mouse actions, and more. Macros are great for streamlining repetitive tasks or integrating keyboard shortcuts into your workflow.

Customizable Keymaps

ObinsKit allows the default Anne Pro 2 layout to be completely remapped and customized. You can enable or disable secondary layers like the arrow keys, numpad, and function keys. Advanced users can directly edit the keyboard’s firmware keymap code to create fully custom key bindings. This flexibility makes the compact Anne Pro 2 adaptable to many different workflows.

Firmware Updates

ObinsKit enables quick and easy firmware updates to keep your Anne Pro 2 up-to-date with the latest features, bug fixes, and performance improvements. Maintaining an up-to-date firmware is recommended for all Anne Pro 2 owners.

And Much More

Other ObinsKit features include caps lock key remapping, sleep timeout adjustments, layout switching between QWERTY, Dvorak, Colemak, etc, wired/wireless mode switching, profile importing and exporting, built-in user manuals, and a keyboard tester, and much more

How to Install and Update ObinsKit

Installing ObinsKit is simple:

  1. Download the latest version from the official Obinslab website –
  2. Run the installation file and follow the on-screen directions.
  3. Connect your Anne Pro 2 via USB cable and launch ObinsKit.

To update ObinsKit, repeat the same steps and install the newer release over your existing version. Keeping ObinsKit updated ensures compatibility with the Anne Pro 2’s firmware and access to the latest features.

The most recent ObinsKit release at the time of writing is version 1.2.11, released on January 5, 2022.

Final Words

ObinsKit is an indispensable tool for Anne Pro 2 owners. It unlocks customization options ranging from aesthetic lighting effects to advanced macro programming and remapping. Both casual and power users can tailor the Anne Pro 2 to their exact preferences with ObinsKit’s intuitive interface. Keeping the software updated ensures access to the latest features and optimizations. For those seeking to get the most out of their Obinslab Anne Pro 2 mechanical RGB keyboard, ObinsKit is a must-have application.