Emu4iOS became a downloadable store after the MacBuildServer provisioning profile or many other emulator websites.

Most limited selection of emulators in this days, Recommend  Emulators website uses a new, different provisioning profile and has a wide array of emulators, which includes iDOS 2.0.1 which was pulled from the App Store hours after its 2011 release.

The Emu4IOS version landscape keyboard layout on iPad 3 and onwards, works fine in simulator version.

Today, Found a new website that allows you to get emulators for iOS that are not available on the App Store, it’s called Emu4IOS.

Only go to emu4ios.weebly.com set your date back to 2012 (the site will tell you how to) click Download and in the drop-down menu, click Install for iDOS, set the date back to today and iDOS for everyone! And everyone includes iOS 7 users, that’s right, it works on iOS 7 too! (Although, it’s not optimized, so it still has iOS 6 visual elements).























Follow our how to step by step tutorial to download Emu4iOS app on your iOS device for free.

Download and click Install for emu4ios,

so many people are now when they need to redownload their favorite app.


Above mentioned for Emu4IOS download step by step process and you read this article, i hope that is very helpful fo you.


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