Essential Tips And Tricks Every New PC Gamer Should Know

Tips And Tricks Every New PC Gamer

As the digital world is growing, we are seeing the growth of video games. Playing an online game has become easier, thanks to smartphones. However, most pro gamers prefer PC gaming.  

Well, when it comes to becoming a good PC gamer, you need to follow some tricks. Most new gamers who use Battlelog, always implement new tips. If you are also a new gamer, we are here to help you out. 

This article shares the top ten tips and tricks that every newbie player should know. So, make sure you are reading and implementing each of them. 

Top Tips For New PC Gamers

As we mentioned above, you need to know some useful tips when you are using your PC for gaming. Hence, it’s essential if you want to be a pro level gamer. So, let’s find out about these best tips and tricks for new gamers:

1. Get The Right Gear

Not only PC, you also need the right gear for playing a video game. On the other hand, you have to get a PC that is compatible with online video games. That’s why you need to spend a big amount on gaming accessories such as headphones, a keyboard, and aCPU. You can also get an Xbox game controller. 

2. Learn More

Before you start playing games, make sure you are studying about it. It’s essential if you are a beginner. For instance, if you are playing a game that includes lots of maps, you need to study those maps strategically. Plus, each game comes with different rules and regulations. Make sure you are reading them first. 

3. Get Help From Reddit

Reddit is one of the best community platforms right now. Hence, it’s very good for those people who are new in the gaming world. If you don’t have a Reddit account, it’s time to create one. Make sure you are joining several communities. You can also buy and sell coupons by using Reddit. 

4. Explore Mods

One of the best things about using a PC is you can install mods. Thus, you can enjoy the game while playing. However, installing mods can be a luxury thing and not all PCs are compatible with it. You can also check for mods on the internet as there are the latest mods available. 

5. Study Maps

No matter if you are a pro-level gamer or just a beginner, you need to understand maps for improving your gameplay. It’s more essential if you are playing a strategic video game. For example, if the game has different maps in different mods, you have to study them first. You can also join a team.

6. Take Care of Your PC

To improve your gameplay, you need to take care of your gaming computer. Most new players forget to give proper maintenance to their PC. So, make sure you are checking hardware and software regularly. Hence, it’s very important to prevent damage. Make sure you are installing anti-malware software on your PC. 

7. Buy a PC with HDD and SSD

To get the best gaming experience, using a PC with Solid State Drive (SSD) can be the ideal choice. SSD is quick for reading and writing data. However, you need to pay a big amount to buy a computer with an SSD. On the other hand, you can go for a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) for less money. 

8. Capture Game Video

If you are buying a gaming computer that has Windows 10, then you can capture gaming videos while playing. To capture videos, press the ‘Windows button + G. Now, click on the record button on the game bar. You can also get some snapshots if you are using an Xbox. You can share these videos with your friends. 

9. Use a PC Monitoring App

Using a PC monitoring app is essential, especially when you are playing a video game. It will help you notice how your computer is working. Plus, you are getting the real-time data of PC health by using the monitoring app. Some good PC monitoring apps are HW monitor and Speccy. Make sure you are downloading one of them. 

10. Sell Old Games

Another good tip for new gamers is selling old games. Well, if you are using games on Blu-ray or DVD format, you can sell them. It’s a good idea as games lose value with time. So, why not sell them when they’re still valuable. Plus, you can buy the latest game after selling 3-4 old games. 


Playing online games using your PC can be crucial. That’s why you need to implement some tricks. We have covered the top ten tips that can help you to become a better gamer. Make sure you are implementing all of them. For more information, you can start your research on the internet.