Now a day FaceApp app is trending very well, and its some extra features has made everyone crazy. Here, on this app, all the people come to see himself turning old that means how they look in the future and that’s a very exciting and thrilling thing. That’s why this app creates more buzz across the world. However, you have one question raised in your mind that how its work? Here, the answer is all the credit goes to the Artificial intelligence that let users turn themselves into their old self character.

But one thing about this app we don’t know is that a Russian based start-up launched the app two years ago 2017. But at that time, there were some problems raised with the application related to privacy and claims that users phone gallery data was sent to the Russian server. After sometimes FaceApp founder Yaroslav Goncharov clarified all the things about the app’s privacy policies and said no data is transferred to Russia.

What is FaceApp?

FaceApp is one of the most popular and best face changing apps for making users photo to younger and older and its show how they look at that time by adding filters. FaceApp Pro is available for Android and iOS both of the platform. There are some more features also available like add images, smiles, goggles and beard. Here, on this app, all the elements are not free if you have to use some extra filters, then you have to pay some amount to use it. The reason behind to get more popularity in short of time is its accurate and trustworthy result.

Features Of FaceApp:

  • Available for both Android and iOS platform.
  • To use this app required Android 5.0 or up version.
  • Required maximum 300MB storage memory free.
  • Here, you can add different smiles and hairstyle on your face.
  • You also add various latest impression with a fantastic new look.
  • You can do a different type of make-up on your face.
  • And the latest feature is adding a beard and all types of shades.
  • This app is free to download.

How Much Privacy Does FaceApp Have For The User’s Data?

FaceApp gives priority to the customer’s privacy and that’s the reason why people blindly trust on this app. And in return fever, FaceApp gives its hundred per cent to all the users about their privacy it claims that not share any users data with the third parties. The best thing about the FaceApp is not uploads all photos from a user’s phone gallery to its servers, but It only uploads that photo selected for editing.

Moreover, FaceApp said that all the photos are stored in the cloud for editing and that all the images are deleted within 48 hours. But we don’t know how much coding is done behind this app instant result as your younger face turned within a second into old self. And for this type of instant effect, the FaceApp trained itself through Artificial intelligence.

How Much Artificial Intelligence Contribute In FaceApp Functioning?


This app is also working on cloud same as Instagram filters work and that makes all the work in half process and a half time that save a lot of time and give speed to apps filter process. Moreover, one of the best advantages of this cloud-based apps is without updating app on your phone you can apply latest and trendy filters on your photos because cloud servers were updating filters automatically from time to time.

Hence, it gives a less load on phone processor, and while you use this app, you can get smooth experience of this app. And the other reason for the accurate result of this app is the machine learning used all the photos that users were uploaded in the past takes as a reference while working on a current photo editing. That’s the reason behind getting more accurate and real result.


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