Apple has confirmed the much-anticipated news that its Pro apps, Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, are coming to the iPad. This new development is set to revolutionize how creatives work with videos and music on the go.

If you are not familiar with these groundbreaking tools and want to know how they can revolutionize the creativity of video creators and editors using the iPad, find everything about Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPad here.

What Are Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro?

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are advanced software tools developed by Apple, designed for professional video and audio editing respectively. Built to harness the power and versatility of Apple’s hardware, these applications have been reengineered for the iPad, providing users with a comprehensive suite of tools and features to enhance their creative workflows.

Final Cut Pro: A Comprehensive Video Editing Tool

Final Cut Pro is a professional-grade video editing software that seamlessly integrates recording, editing, finishing, and sharing of videos into a single, intuitive platform. This powerful tool is especially designed for video creators and offers a variety of features tailored for efficient and creative video editing.

The software has been redesigned for the iPad, with an all-new touch interface that fully utilizes the iPad’s Multi-Touch capabilities. The user-friendly design and the intuitiveness of the touch interface enhance the overall editing experience, making the process of creating professional-level videos more accessible and efficient.

Final Cut Pro for iPad requires an iPad with an M1 chip or newer, ensuring that the software runs smoothly and efficiently, taking full advantage of the advanced capabilities of these devices.

Logic Pro: An Advanced Audio Workstation

On the other hand, Logic Pro serves as a sophisticated audio workstation, providing a comprehensive collection of tools for songwriting, beat making, recording, editing, and mixing. Designed specifically for music creators, Logic Pro unlocks new possibilities for creativity, making it an indispensable tool for anyone engaged in music production.

Similar to Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro on the iPad features an all-new touch interface, designed to enhance the user experience by leveraging the intuitiveness of Multi-Touch. This provides users with a more immediate and hands-on interaction with the software, thus streamlining the music production process.

To run Logic Pro, users will need an iPad equipped with an A12 Bionic chip or newer. This ensures optimal performance of the software, allowing users to utilize its sophisticated features effectively.

Features of Final Cut Pro on iPad

Final Cut Pro has been a staple in the professional video editing scene for years. With its migration to iPad, Apple has optimized its interface for tablets and touch screens, introducing several features that are sure to excite both new and experienced users.

Interactive User Interface

One of the standout features is the new jog wheel that slides out from the right-hand side of the display, making navigation through the timeline a breeze. Additionally, with the Apple Pencil, users can scrub through the timeline without even touching the screen and tap to select various elements.

Live Drawing and Keyboard Shortcuts

The new live drawing feature allows users to draw directly on the screen, automatically adding and animating text in the process. Keyboard users aren’t left out either; whether using a Bluetooth keyboard, Magic Keyboard, or Magic Folio, familiar keyboard shortcuts from the Mac version of Final Cut Pro are available on the iPad.

Enhanced Video Editing Capabilities

The iPad version of Final Cut Pro supports HDR video editing. Users with the new 12.9-inch models can use reference monitor modes for color grading, providing increased accuracy. A new pro camera mode enables users to shoot directly from their iPad’s camera while controlling focus, exposure, and white balance. Users can even capture ProRes 4K video directly in Final Cut Pro on the new M2 iPad models.

Scene Removal Mask

Apple’s innovative scene removal mask uses machine learning to automatically remove backgrounds from clips without the need for a green screen. This feature allows users to apply different backgrounds or settings and seamlessly integrate them into their projects.

Potential Drawbacks of Final Cut Pro on iPad

Despite the exciting features, there are a few potential drawbacks. Apple has been rather ambiguous about certain features like external storage and plugin support. While it’s expected that users will be able to edit directly from external drives, and thus move projects between the Mac and iPad seamlessly, it’s not yet clear if this will be possible. Similarly, it’s uncertain whether plugins supported on the Mac version will be available on the iPad.

Features of Logic Pro on iPad

Logic Pro, Apple’s advanced music production application, is also coming to the iPad. This well-built application comes with a new sound browser with dynamic filtering and built-in beat-making and production tools. It also boasts a fully-featured mixer, making it a powerful tool for music production on the go.


Both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro will cost $4.99 per month or $49.99 for a yearly subscription with a one-month free trial. While the yearly subscription offers better value, it’s worth noting that this move to subscription-based pricing may not appeal to all users, especially those who have already purchased the full Final Cut application for Mac.  For more information, visit and

Supported Devices and Release Date

Both applications require iPadOS 16.4 or newer. For Final Cut Pro, an iPad with an M1, M2, or the upcoming M3 processor is needed. On the other hand, Logic Pro only requires an A12 Bionic processor or later, making it accessible to a wider range of iPads.

The exciting news for enthusiasts is that both apps will be available on the App Store on May 23rd. This move by Apple promises to revolutionize video editing and music production on the iPad, making these professional-grade tools accessible to more users than ever before. The arrival of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPad marks a significant step forward in mobile creative productivity. As these Pro apps become available on more portable devices, professionals and hobbyists alike will have the opportunity to create high-quality video and audio content wherever they are.