Football is the most popular team game in the world. There are a huge number of thematic attributes for fans. Does your friend love this sport and constantly read soccer wiki on 22Bet? Then he will be pleased to get gifts connected to his favorite sport. Here are the best presents for football.

T-shirts and Sports Suits

Find out which team your friend is rooting for and present him a T-shirt of a player of his favorite team or a sports suit. Giving T-shirts and exchanging them is a real ritual for fans. At the end of the game, players often exchange T-shirts themselves with their rivals as a sign of sports friendship. This is a classic gift that will always be gladly received.

In addition to the usual T-shirts, you can choose the fan or club ones. The attributes with the names of cities, where your favorite team plays, will be perfect.

Socks and Scarves

Football accessories such as socks and scarves are a relatively inexpensive gift. Scarves are often lost at stadiums. Therefore, the stock of scarves is no less useful than the stock of socks. Yet, the player’s signature turns any item into a part of the collection.


A great way to stand out and announce your preferences. Real fans will always be delighted with the badge of their favorite team, incomparable to its cost.

The best badges are authentic, specially brought from overseas cities and championship matches. The badge gives a sense of belonging to history.


These gifts are appropriate if a person is happy to pour his favorite drink into a football mug to watch the match in front of the TV. In this case, you can supplement the set with a comfortable soft chair in the form of a ball.

Tickets for the Match

There is no greater joy than watching the game of your favorite team at the stadium. Make sure that a friend has not yet bought a ticket. The coolest gift is a ticket to the championship with the payment of the road. If you want to earn eternal gratitude, then do it.