In the era of high-speed internet, watching your favorite TV shows has become incredibly easy and convenient. However, many streaming platforms have hefty subscription fees that can add up quickly. Today, we will explore nine fantastic websites allowing you to watch TV shows for free. Yes, you heard it right – no subscription fees or hidden costs. While you might have to watch a few ads and may not find every show you are searching for, you can still enjoy many high-quality TV shows that are well worth your time.

1. YouTube

Surprisingly, the first free streaming service on our list is the platform you use daily – YouTube. While you might think of it primarily as a home for video content, you will also find a variety of free TV shows. Simply navigate to the ‘Movies and TV’ section under the ‘Explore’ category, and you will find a treasure trove of free primetime shows. These include classics such as ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ and the sci-fi series ‘Outer Limits.’

2., owned by Paramount, offers an impressive collection of TV channels. Upon landing on the website, you’ll see it automatically starts playing a video. With over 250 different channels available, you can explore various genres and popular shows such as CSI and Star Trek. Furthermore, if you prefer watching on your own schedule, also offers on-demand content.

3. Roku Channel

Roku, best known for its digital media player, offers a free online streaming service. On the Roku Channel, you can explore various featured content and live TV. Some notable options include ‘Die Hart 2’ with Kevin Hart and the exclusive cooking show, ‘Martha Cooks.’ It is available for mobile phones and Smart TVs,

4. TubiTV

TubiTV, owned by Fox, showcases a vast library of titles, including popular shows like ‘Westworld,’ ‘Raised by Wolves,’ and ‘How It’s Made.’ With over 50,000 movies and TV shows, TubiTV provides a seamless free viewing experience. You can browse different genres or even filter down to a specific network. Some content might not be available in every region, so you need to check that.

5. Amazon FreeVee

FreeVee, owned by Amazon, offers a variety of featured content for free. By hovering over the ‘Free with Ads’ category, you can explore different TV shows available. An exclusive on FreeVee includes a relaunch of ‘Judy Justice,’ which is basically a new version of Judge Judy. If you are okay with a few ads but don’t want to pay, this might be the best option for you.

6. Plex

On Plex, you can explore an array of available shows and movies, including many popular ones and Hollywood hits. You also have access to local news, ensuring you stay updated with current events. So, along with free TV shows and movies, you can watch live TV channels.

7. Xumo Play

Xumo Play, owned by Comcast, provides a live guide featuring different channels and upcoming shows. Along with free movies, you can also watch TV shows on demand. Its intuitive interface allows you to filter by the network for ease of navigation.

8. Sling Free Stream

This is another platform that is already popular among viewers to watch live TV channels (270+) and on-demand titles (40,000+). You will find popular shows like Bob’s Burger and The Walking Dead on this platform. Plus, the app also suggests currently popular and upcoming shows.

9. Vudu

The final service on our list is Vudu, owned by Fandango. To watch free TV shows on Vudu, hover over the ‘Free’ option, and click on ‘TV.’ This will show you the most-watched TV series on Vudu. However, remember that to access this content, you’ll need to create a free account.

Signing Out…

Hence, if you are looking for free and legal websites/apps to watch TV shows and movies in high-quality at zero cost, these could be your best options. You may have to deal with a few ads, as this is how they monetize the platform. However, remember that the availability of shows and movies may vary depending on your geographical location due to licensing rights. As always, ensure that your internet security is up to date when accessing streaming content online.