Lioden, with its compelling gameplay allowing players to rule over a pride of lions, has won fans around the world. Experience breeding, protecting territories, and engaging in fierce battles across an expansive African savannah with Lioden.

However, those looking for something similar to Lioden will discover an abundance of games waiting to be discovered. Let’s immerse ourselves into these fascinating and mysterious realms that offer thrilling adventures like Lioden. Here are some of the best games, like Lioden.

1. Flight Rising

Flight Rising is an online dragon breeding and battle game where players can breed, raise, and battle dragons of various breeds. There is also the option to participate in battles, forums, and mini-games; much like Lioden, it allows players to experiment with genetics to see what mutations or variants can emerge.

2. Artemishea

Artemishea is an independent, massively multiplayer, action, and adventure game developed by Opendix147 that was originally released for sale via Steam in 2021 and currently receives the “Recommended” rating by most players on Rawg. Designed as an open-world experience featuring battles and an engaging storyline.

3. Horse Riding Deluxe 2

Loot Inside’s indie adventure RPG and simulation game Horse Riding Deluxe 2, originally released in 2020 via Steam, allows players to ride horses across an expansive open world while exploring quests and completing challenges.

4. SimSafari

Maxis released SimSafari as an amazing classic game back in 1998. Set on an African Savannah, players control various animals that inhabit it – amazing 3D graphics as well as multifunctional gameplay that allows for animal and fauna control!

5. Ovipets

Ovipets is a game by the creators of Ponyisland that offers players something completely different from Lioden, with all kinds of species represented in Ovipets – making it ideal for anyone interested in breeding and raising animals! In Ovipets, players can breed, raise and trade different species of animals!

6. WolfPlayGame

WolfPlayGame allows players to raise and breed wolves – similar to Lioden but offering additional features. In battles and quests, players engage with other wolf enthusiasts.

7. Sylestia

Sylestia is an original fantasy animal game with some storyline elements. The breeding system and seasonal events provide opportunities for players to explore Sylestia while capturing creatures for breeding purposes and participating in various quests or quest-like events.

8. Indomita

Indomita is an exciting horse breeding game similar to Lioden but with horses. Ideal for anyone who enjoys breeding and raising horses, players can breed, train and compete their horses in various competitions.

9. Neopets

Neopets is an online virtual pet website where players can create and take care of virtual pets, play games with them, and become part of a virtual community. Established in the late ’90s, Neopets has long been one of the go-to options.

10. FeralHeart

FeralHeart is an online animal simulation game where players can create custom characters, explore various maps, and interact with other players – perfect for animal enthusiasts looking to join a community.

11. Animal Jam

Animal Jam, developed by WildWorks, provides an online virtual world playground for children who love animals and the outdoors. Players can create animal characters, customize their dens, and discover Jamaa.

12. Zoo Tycoon

Zoo Tycoon is a series of business simulation video games where players can create, develop and manage a zoo. Players have complete freedom in how they wish to design and oversee their zoo, from its layout and animal population to its management strategy.

13. Dogzer Dogzer

This is an online dog game that allows players to adopt virtual puppies and care for them, including participating in dog shows, breeding their offspring, and managing kennel clubs.

14. Howrse

Howrse is an online horse breeding game. Players can breed their own horses, participate in competitions, and manage an equestrian center to achieve victory in this race-to-the-top virtual competition.

15. Marapets

Marapets is an online pet simulation game in which players take care of virtual pets, play games, and participate in their community – similar to Neopets but with its own distinct twist.

Final Words

So, there are lots of games to pick from if you are looking for similar games like Lioden. No matter what your preference is, these games will give you an adventurous experience. From the dense jungles to the sprawling savannahs, from the evolution of species to the daily life of a mischievous goose, there’s something for everyone.