How to Beat King Hippo in “Mike Tyson’s Punch-out”?


King Hippo is a fictional boxer character in Nintendo’s punch-out game series. King Hippo first appeared on the game Mike Tyson’s Punch-out. King Hippo is one of the iconic and unique character in the game. King Hippo is also appeared on comic books based on the Captain-N-Series.

How to Beat King Hippo in Nintendo’s Mike Tyson’s Punch-out?


King Hippo’s Attacks

Jab: King Hippo raises his hands up to his breast and punch. By dodging, we can active stun long enough for six punches.

Overhead: King Hippo ducks his hand into the shelter of his arms to block any jabs, it can be dodged under. Dodging will active a stun long for active a six punches. If Hippo counter with a jab when he raises his hand, he will be stunned longer, for a total ten punches.

Pants Drop: Sometimes, King Hippo’s pant will start to drop, causing him to pulling up and flesh yellow. Hitting him and there will a earn star.

Hippo Squeeze: Hippo raises his arms and violently brings them for a two-handed book. It can only be ducked under. Dodging will activates a stun long enough for ten punches. Countering with a right hook before the attack will make King Hippo recoil to the ropes, then make Hippo recover back with his temper thrown off. If Hippo’s crown is already off and this countered again, it will result into the instant KO.

Hippo Rush: King Hippo jumps around the back of arena before performing on the Open-Mouthed Overhead a Jab, and after that Open-Mouthed Overhead.

Open Mouthed Rush: When the little Mac getting tired, King Hippo will laugh and after that perform three Open-Mouthed overheads and after that another open-Mouthed overhead.

Silent Overhead: Hippo makes an overhead punch without growling. Hook him while his hand is raised for a star.

Silent Delayed Job: Hippo will do a delayed job without growling, Hook up King Hippo while he start for a star.

King Hippo seems like unbeatable in Mike Tyson’s Punch-out until you find the right way for defeating him. It is not easy to beat King Hippo like other boxers, we cannot defeat King Hippo in normal way.

Tips to Beat King Hippo

  • We need to avoid his punches until we get the chance to make him reveal his bandaged navel.
  • Dodge/Avoid King Hippo’s punches by pressing left and right on the directional pad.
  • Wait for King Hippo to shake back and forth and then raise his fist over his mouth while opening his mouth.
  • Punch him in the mouth by holding up the directional pad and pressing the punch button.
  • King Hippo’s shots will drop and he will stop attacking for pull up his shorts.
  • Punch on the King Hippo’s belly button until he covers it with his fists.
  • Hook King Hippo when he is about to throw an overhead punch.
  • Dodge his overhead punch immediately, the hook him as he remains vulnerable.
  • Block King Hippo’s jab and counter with a hook.
  • Hook King Hippo when he pull up his pants.
  • Dodge his Hippo Squeeze and counter with star punch when his mouth is widely open.
  • After successfully avoiding his entire Hippo Squeeze and Squash, then hit him with a star punch as his mouth is wide open.

Tips to Counter King Hippo

  • Counter his Hippo Squeeze to make his crown fall off, When he recover from the move counter the hippo squeeze again to immediately KO him.
  • Counter delayed King Hippo’s silent delayed jab with a hook.
  • Counter his silent overhead punch with a hook, on the uncovered side of his belly.
  • Repeat this process until he is down for the count down.

Follow all the above tricks for beating a King Hippo.

Final Words:

King Hippo is a fictional boxer character in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out game series. King Hippo is most iconic and unique character in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out. Above are the all Tips and Tricks to beat King Hippo.