How To Choose The Best Brand Management Software For Small Businesses


Brand management software is a type of interactive software that is intended to assist brand managers and marketing departments in keeping marketing materials aligned with the brand. This software is designed primarily to make the process of brand marketing simpler.

Brand management encompasses the policy and processes that assist companies in carefully managing all of their branded content. This approach ensures that the material produced by the organization is reliable, error-free, and on-brand.

You can easily choose brand management tools that complement the existing workflow rather than forcing the whole team to change their workflow.

Brand marketing software is critical for assisting businesses in developing a brand that effectively attracts and resonates with their target market.

If this is accomplished, brand marketing software aids in the maintenance of success by ensuring that new materials – whether email headers, TV advertisements, social media messages, or a new product name – are equally as successful.

As a result, the function of brand management software is to assist managers in developing brand continuity in a more strategic, effective, and streamlined manner.

With the help of this method, an organization can easily develop a simple and well-thought-out brand marketing framework that can be effectively applied across a broad range of project styles.

Best Brand Management Software’s You Can Choose

Brand management software is an integral component of any profitable business. These user-friendly, dynamic, and highly advanced tools are designed to be seamlessly integrated into the team’s internal workflow. Any brand management tools would necessitate the assistance of IT professionals.

If you don’t have ready access to an IT team to help you with the brand asset management operation, you’ll need to use software that is extremely user-friendly and can be used without prior technical expertise.

Here are a few examples of the best brand management software that are easy to use and do not mandate the assistance of an experienced IT professional.

1. InVideo

InVideo is an online video editing platform that enables businesses to seamlessly create branded content for promotional or educational purposes.

The platform helps brands and businesses in creating digital assets such as videos, animations, etc. with custom branding that aims to bolster brand recall and recognition.

Users can simply navigate to the online platform and get started with video creation endeavors. Once the video is created, the platform provides the option to either download it on the computer, or share it on various social media platforms on the go.

There is an option to either upload a custom video or use one of the templates provided by the platform to create a branded video.

2. Online Movie Maker

Another entrant in our brand management platforms is the online movie maker. It is free to use a video creation platform that runs in the browser and does not require any downloads whatsoever.

The platform is available without registration and does not include the platform’s watermarks, labels, or site name by default.

It’s a one-stop for all the video creation requirements of small businesses as it provides royalty-free images and sound effects to include in the video.

Creating a video using Online Movie Maker is seamless. Users can add files from various sources or devices, start with the edit, and click on ‘Make Video’ to quickly create an appealing audio-visual creation. Also, it is free and does not require any sort of payment.

3. FileStage

Filestage is an online proofing tool that assists marketing and innovative departments in streamlining the evaluation and acceptance process for any kind of asset.

Its unified portal facilitates the sharing, deliberation, and approval of photographs, videos, and text files with coworkers and external collaborators.

Reviewers will leave straightforward and precise suggestions directly in the file, as well as address and suggest improvements with one another.

The content editors will then go through the list of reviews, make the necessary changes to the file, and share the updated version for another round of review or final approval.

Benefits Of Brand Management Software For Small Business

As one would expect, this program is an essential component of a company’s marketing policy, as well as a critical factor for company development. Implementing brand management software has a plethora of advantages.

Managers can use this type of program as a critical component of the development process for all types of brand assets. Furthermore, it can be used in the whole process – from conception to publication – to ensure continuity and performance.

We’ve summarized only a few of the core advantages of integrating this method into the workflow below.

1. Streamlining your operations

This type of content management tool encourages the creation and implementation of simple, consistent actions, such as those listed in your brand guideline document and your review and approval process. This ensures that the squad approaches activities consistently, and helps you feel organized.

2. Keeping everything in order

It also functions as a piece of digital asset management tools. It provides users with the ability to browse through all properties and store them in a simple, easy-to-follow manner, thanks to a consolidated, cloud-based network of storage directories.

Time and resources are saved. Your brand management process can be much more effective and fast with this app and all of its useful features.

Furthermore, current branded material (that already adheres to the company’s style guide) is more easily discovered and reused. This will save you the risk of having to build new assets any time a new request comes in.

3. Easily achieve brand continuity

This is a big advantage. Producing on-brand content on a consistent basis is something that all companies aspire for, particularly if they want to expand. It is the core foundation of successful brand marketing techniques.

Specialized software makes it much easier for brand managers to monitor all of the company’s branded assets, including the freedom to authorize new artwork and designed assets while ensuring they adhere to the company style guide and fixed brand guidelines.


We hope that this comprehensive guide to brand management tools will assist you in integrating this technology into your existing small business workflow. Once these are integrated, you can begin reaping the benefits of creating a cloud-based, omnichannel, and marketing-led brand management operation.