If you are a game freak and loved to play the latest games on your gaming controllers then this article would become very special and useful for you. Because here we will suggest you something that hesitates you while you connect your gaming controllers with your idevice. Apple has recently given us its latest update as iOS 13. So, now you have to connect your iPhone or iPad with game console controllers like PlayStation 4, Xbox One and some others.

Moreover, Apple App Store has a huge database of various genres games and all these games are special design, so, they connect with every type of game controllers. However, iOS 13 would be easily connected with all the gaming controllers and that supports all the same games that support MFI controllers.

So, thanks to the apple that gives us surety about their all the devices are connected with game console controllers and that save your lot of money that you wasting on buying very high costly MFI controllers. Alright, now read carefully below suggested guide for How to Connect Xbox One controller with iOS 13 devices.

Steps to Connect PlayStation 4 Controller with iOS 13, iPad and iPhone:

First of all, you have to update your iPhone or iPad with iOS 13.

Step 1#. Firstly, Open Settings on your device.

Step 2#. Then Turn Bluetooth ON.

Step 3#. After that turn On the PlayStation 4, press and hold the middle PS button.

Step 4#. Then, keeps hold the buttons for five seconds till the LED light starts blinking.

Step 5#. After that, you can see the PlayStation 4 controller will appear in the Bluetooth menu on your device.

Step 6#. Then click on the connect button and start playing the game on your controller.

Steps to Connect an Xbox One Controller with iOS 13, iPad and iPhone:

First of all make sure that you have the latest released Xbox controller because the older system device not supports Bluetooth features.

Step 1#. Firstly go to the setting and turned on Bluetooth.

Step 2#. Then start your Xbox One controller by pressing the center button.

Step 3#. After that, hold on the pairing button for 5 seconds on the left side of the controller.

Step 4#. Holding the pairing button down till the Xbox logo starts blinking.

Step 5#. Then you can see Xbox Controller in your Bluetooth menu and click on to connect.

Step 6#. Now, start playing your favorite game with the help of your controller.

Final Words

Here, we have a full-on guide on How to connect a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One controller to your iOS13. These steps will easily help you to connect your idevices with any gaming console controllers. That makes your gaming experience more and more thrilling with the help of your gaming controller and apple devices. If you face any problem while you connect your device with the gaming controller then let me know in the comment section below.