How to Find a Dead iPhone Even If battery is Completely Drained

Fearing about losing your valued iPhone and not finding it if it is dead? Follow these simple procedure and get rid of your fear instantly.

How to Find a Dead iPhone Even If battery is Completely Drained

iPhone is an absolute precious gadget, and the panic mixed with uneasiness when it is lost very much understandable to anyone. The worry of a lost iPhone is more if it’s battery is dead. But now breathe easy because you will now be able to track your dead iPhone easily. You can find it even low power remaining in a battery, or no power. We will use the services of iCloud to find my iPhone and get it back in your hands by using few simple steps given below.

But the question may remain in your mind, despite what we have explained above is that whether your iPhone can still be found even if it is dead? Our answer is still in the affirmative because even a dead iPhone doesn’t affect iCloud’s ability to find the place of your lost iPhone was last time. But yes, you need to enable the “Find My iPhone” feature on your iPhone always so that in a case of losing your iPhone you can easily retrieve it by using iCloud. But hey, if your iPhone has been stolen and you are sure about it, then you must contact the police and do not try to retrieve the same on your own.

How to find your iPhone even if it is dead

How can I Enable Find My iPhone so that I can still find it even if it is dead

If you have enabled Find My iPhone feature, then your job is half done already. This will help you immensely to find your lost iPhone even if it is dead. You will also need to enable “Send Last Location” as well. With this feature enabled, your iPhone will then send its location when its battery is all but died. So now you must have got the idea that how can you find your iPhone even when its battery has died. Here, how you will do to enable “Send Last Location”.

Step #1. Open your Settings.

Step #2. After opening your settings just tap on iCloud.

Step #3. Here you will need to select Find My iPhone.

Step #4. Now toggle on Find My iPhone

Step #5. After that, just toggle on Send Last Location.

How can I find my iPhone, even if it is dead, on an iPad or from a friend’s iPhone

There is another way to find your lost iPhone if you have an iPad or with the help of your friend’s iPhone. Just follow the below mentioned simple steps.

Step #1. Open the Find My iPhone App.

Step #2. If the device you are using is not your own, then just tap on “Sign Out” on the top right corner.

Step #3. Now sign in with your own Apple ID and Passcode.

Step #4. Now that you are signed in, you will see all other devices of yours and choose the missing iPhone from there.

Step #5. You will see a big dot on the map which is showing you where your lost iPhone is currently located.

Step #6. Just zoom the location by pinching it with the help of your fingers.

Step #7. Now tap actions at the bottom of the screen.

Note: When you start locating your lost iPhone the Find My iPhone feature will help you to locate the same even if it is dead.

How can I find my iPhone on a Computer even if it is dead?

It is obvious that not all people have the facility to have another iPhone or an iPad by their side, so they end up searching their lost device with the help of the computer. So here are the solutions to find your lost iPhone even if it is dead.

Step #1. Open your browser and go to

Step #2. Sign in with your Apple ID and Passcode.

Step #3. Once you are logged in, click on the Find My iPhone app icon.

Step #4. Select all devices mentioned at the top and then choose your missing iPhone.

Note: Once you have selected your missing iPhone then the map will show you where your lost iPhone is even if it is dead.

What is Lost Mode and How Can I Enable it?

While using the Find My iPhone to locate your lost device, you will also see another option which is Lost Mode. If the Lost Mode is enabled, then it will lock your device remotely and display a custom message and phone number to contact and return iPhone. It will also turn on the location tracking, even if you have disabled the location services. The Lost Mode will remain active until you find your lost iPhone and disable it on your own.

The only thing differs here from the others is that the Lost Mode works only if the device has a battery life. Because then only it can connect itself to the internet. So we recommend that if you feel that your lost device may still have some battery life, then you better use the Lost Mode rather than anything else.

Here is how you will do that.

Step #1. Go to Find My iPhone.

Step #2. Select your lost device and click on Lost Mode.

Step #3. Enter a customized message to be displayed if required from the lock screen.

Step #4. Now just tap on Done.

Note: When you find your lost device just unlock it with your passcode to leave the Lost Mode.

What if I have not enabled Find My iPhone?

Well, that would be a bit unfortunate. But even then you can still find your iPhone by using Google Maps. But for that, you need to enable the location history on Google Maps. If you are not so sure about enabling the Google location history then follow the below-mentioned instructions to enable it.

Step #1. Go to

Step #2. Log in to your Google account, if you still haven’t.

Step #3. Select the date when your iPhone was lost.

Step #4. Check for the last location and try to find your device.

Signing off

We believe that these are the easiest and best ways to find your lost iPhone even if it is dead. We can certainly hope that you will never lose your beloved device, but even if you do, then these steps will certainly help you to get it back.