For a great viewing experience, you can play many best Apple TV tips and tricks, and one of those best tricks is to play and control your Apple TV through your Apple Watch! All you need to do is to install a remote app on your Apple Watch and then you will be able to control the Apple TV from your wrist only. Once the Apple Watch becomes your remote you can do many things with it.

You can swipe through your Home screen content, pause and play the running content, and also you can control the music on your Apple TV through your Apple Watch. You are probably aware that this remote app is available on your Apple Watch by default, so you just need to set it up and start using it. Interested? Then let us know the steps on how you can start using Apple Watch as Apple TV remote.

How to Pair and Control Apple TV with Apple Watch

How to Pair Apple TV with Apple Watch

Step #1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch and access the Home screen.

Step #2. Tap and open the Remote App on Apple Watch.

Step #3. Tap on Add Device. Note down the four-digit passcode you have got for Apple TV.

Step #4. Turn on your Apple TV and open the Settings App.

Step #5. Turn on Remotes and Devices.

Step #6. Select Remote App.

Step #7. Select your Apple Watch under ‘Pairable Devices’.

Step #8. Now you need to enter the four-digit passcode you have noted down in Step #3.

Now both your Apple TV and Apple Watch are paired.

How to Control Apple TV with Apple Watch

Step #1. To access the Home screen on your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown.

Step #2. Open the Remote App.

Step #3. Tap on Apple TV icon to select your Apple TV.

Step #4. To navigate the Apple TV interface swipe up, down, left and right.

Step #5. To select an item from your Apple Watch, just tap on it.

Step #6. In the bottom left corner of your Apple Watch’s screen tap on Menu to go back.

Step #7. To play and pause audio and video playback tap on play/pause.

Step #8. For fast forward and rewind, tap on play/pause icon and then swipe left or right.

Step #9. To go back to your connected devices tap on Devices icon again.

This procedure is the simple solution on how you can masterfully use your Apple Watch as remote control for your Apple TV. We are sure you must know about how to download and install Pokémon Go for your Apple Watch to enjoy it with ease. Give your suggestion on this tutorial here in the comments section and also on Facebook.


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