Spyier is the ultimate answer to every spy, surveillance or monitoring need that you ever had. Is your boyfriend dishonest? If he’s been remote lately, spends much less time with you, and treats you in a different way, that might be the case. You receiver’s realize for sure until you read your boyfriend’s texts, though. If he’s located a person new, he’s possibly in regular contact with them on his telephone.

But the problem is you can’t read your boyfriend’s texts because he never lets his phone out of his sight. So how can you read my boyfriend’s text messages without touching his phone? The answer is you can use a spy app to spy on your boyfriend’s texts! A spy app, once you set it up, allows you to read your boyfriend’s texts remotely, without ever touching his phone.

Spyier is the most reliable, risk-free way to spy on your boyfriend’s phone

Spyier is the last answer to every spy, read my boyfriends text messages without touching his phone, surveillance or tracking need which you ever had. It’s far an easy, safe, cozy and reliable app that does not shop or get right of entry to your/target’s records. Being a hundred% cozy is one motive (besides its features) why hundreds of thousands of people in 190+ international locations are using spyier.

Well suited with each Android and iOS, this far flung monitoring app can do much more than simply tracking calls and messages. compared to different solutions, Spyier offers the very best, greater strain-unfastened way to undercover agent in your boyfriend’s phone 


  • Spyier enjoys the trust of a million people


Over 1,000,000 people use Spyier. The app is consumer-confirmed and virus-free. It’s used by human beings from all walks of life, from parents to employers. As a result, you may use the app knowing you’re getting a proper product that’s worth the asking fee.


  • You need no technical skills to use Spyier


Your receiver’s want any unique abilities or device to install Spyier. The app is one of the most effective ones within the market that paintings absolutely without jailbreak or root! In addition, you could install the app with just your telephone or computer. And you can use it simply from any web browser.


  • The app safeguards your privacy


A few illegitimate undercover agent apps thieve your nonpublic facts or promote it to advertisers. Spyier, but, gainer’s try this. In reality, it can’t do this. Why? The app doesn’t store any of your private information on its servers. It’s a hundred% personal.


  • Spyier is affordable


If you choose Spyier, you may be an undercover agent to your boyfriend’s smartphone without emptying your wallet. The app is priced moderately. It costs approximately as much as how much you pay to buy a DVD to reveal your boyfriend every month with Spyier!


  • You get absolute access to your boyfriend’s phone


Using Spyier is a complete phone app. it can display you no longer the simplest of your boyfriend’s textual content messages however the whole lot else he gets up to!

  • Take a look at your boyfriend’s social media interest on Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.
  • View your boyfriend’s location history and spot if he’s visiting ordinary places.
  • Locate your boyfriend’s browser history and check if he’s logging into dating websites.
  • Check your boyfriend’s calendar and spot if he’s planning any dates.

Use Spyier to Read Your Boyfriend’s Texts in Secret

As we cited, you may read your boyfriend’s texts in mystery. How? By way of the use of Spyier! Spyier also works with Android smartphones and capsules. Unlike the iOS model, but, the Android version of Spyier is a 2MB app.

You want to install this 2MB app in your boyfriend’s cellphone. Afterward, you may cover it. As soon as that is performed, Spyier will run inside the heritage, spying to your boyfriend’s phone without him locating out.

Further, Spyier runs within the heritage, without draining the smartphone’s battery dry or slowing it down. Most of these elements make Spyier for Android an undetectable hidden spy app.

Read Your Boyfriend’s Texts Remotely

Also, note that you’ll be able to read your boyfriend’s texts remotely with Spyier. The app delivers updates on your boyfriend’s phone activity directly to a web-based dashboard.

You can access this dashboard conveniently from your PC or smartphone browser. Here is an overview of the information you stand to receive:

  • Read texts: You can read all the text messages your boyfriend has sent out to someone as well as all the text messages he has received recently.
  • Find deleted texts: Your boyfriend may be paranoid enough to delete messages from his lover. However, you can still retrieve these deleted texts with Spyier!
  • Check timestamps: Every text message comes with a time and date entry, so you will always know when an important conversation took place.

How to Remotely Spy on My Boyfriend’s Phone Without Touching It

If you want to remotely secret agent for your boyfriend’s cell phone without touching it, then your only actual choice is to apply an iPhone undercover agent app. the other supposedly remote on line iPhone undercover agent answers don’t work. Both that and they’re blatant phishing tries.

We advocate Sypier this is one of the most popular undercover agent apps ever made. More importantly, you could use Spyier to spy on your boyfriend’s iPhone through your web browser, without needing to touch it! We give an explanation for how it works under.

Spyier – An iPhone Spy App Backed by a Million

Have you ever heard of Spyier? It’s regularly featured on popular channels such as PC World, Tech Advisor, LifeWire, CNET, and Engadget. Over a million people in 190+ countries use the app to keep tabs on their loved ones 

  • One of Spyier’s high-quality features is that the app works one hundred% remotely with iOS gadgets (iPhones and iPads). Meaning – furnished your boyfriend uses an iPhone – now not most effective are you able to set up Spyier remotely, however you can use it to spy on the iPhone remotely too!
  • How does this work precisely? Spyier for iOS, as we stated, is an internet-primarily based app. meaning you don’t want to download any software program for your boyfriend’s iPhone. The app works with his linked iCloud account instead.

How to Read My Boyfriend’s Text Messages Without having his Phone

Want to set up Spyier on your boyfriend’s iPhone so you can start reading his texts? Given below are the simple steps to follow:

  • Step 1: First, get a free spyier account, your email ID becomes the username.

  • Step 2:

First, buy a Spyier iOS monthly plan. If you want to read your boyfriend’s texts on a single iPhone, buy the Premium plan. If he uses multiple iPhones, then buy the Family plan instead.


  • Step 3:


You will get setup instructions in your email. Pick the target platform first (iOS). Then enter your boyfriend’s iCloud details in the blank form field. That’s all! Spyier will sync with the iCloud account in 10 minutes.

  • Step 4:

You can now log into the Spyier dashboard. Here, you get an overview of what your boyfriend is doing on his iPhone. The apps various features are in the selection panel on the left. If you want to read your boyfriend’s texts, look for the “Messages” option.

Note that because Spyier for iOS is a web-based app, it’s impossible to detect! You can use the app to spy on your boyfriend without him finding out.


There you have got it. We confirmed a way to read your boyfriend’s text messages without touching his telephone and additionally a way to undercover agents on his cellphone is widespread. Spyier is a reliable tool. It’s additionally lower priced and fully chance-loose, so don’t hesitate to apply it.