How to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software

Breaking into an iPhone and monitoring all activities on it IS POSSIBLE. How? With an efficient and nifty phone monitoring solution of course! This post introduces you to the best iPhone spying app out there. Check it out!


Why do people use phone spy software? Every person has their reason, but primarily, such software permits someone to keep an eye on another person by hacking into their phone. This other person can be their life partner, kid, or employee. Let’s consider a scenario.

Nowadays, children carry their phones everywhere. It’s safe to say that their whole social circle is bundled into their devices, which if you monitor, you can get insights on who they’re friends with, what they talk about, what they browse on the Internet, where they go; in short, everything they do!

If that sounds interesting, stick around and we’ll introduce you to an awesome iPhone spying app which you can use in several other scenarios.

Part 1: How to Spy on iPhone

A phone spy application is a great way to virtually be with someone round the clock without them finding out. Such apps give you a peek into everything that occurs on a target iOS or Android phone.

With a spy app in your hands, you can get access to your target person’s cell phone messages, call logs, WhatsApp chats, Instagram & Facebook /stories/messages, Snapchat messages, emails, live GPS location, and more.

But if you search for an iPhone spy app, you’ll find a whole bunch of applications offering similar features. How then do you pick an app that comes with zero liability issues? Well, we have the perfect solution! Minspy is the app you need.

Minspy is the most effective spy application we’ve come across in a long time, and it is efficient enough to perform its tasks in a matter of seconds. Being capable enough to spy on an iPhone device using remote access, this app works without needing an installation anywhere.

There are a lot of interesting aspects about Minspy that you’d be thrilled to know. Allow us to show you how you can get the peace of mind you’ve been looking for by using Minspy to spy on iPhone.

Part 2: How to hack an iPhone using Minspy

Minspy has ruled the iPhone spying market for a decade, and it offers its services to millions of customers in more than 190 countries. Considered as one of the most reliable phone spy apps, it has been featured by big outlets like Wall Street Journal, New York Post, BBC, Forbes, etc.

You must be wondering why Minspy has gathered so much hype. Let us walk you through it.

One of the foremost needs when spying on someone is maintaining a safe distance so that the person being spied on doesn’t find out. That’s what private detectives do too, right? Keeping that principle in mind, Minspy permits observing the activities on a target iPhone without needing you to contact it or lay your hands on it.

You don’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone to work with this app, and nor do you have to install anything anywhere. All you need are the target person’s iCloud credentials to set it up, and believe us when we say this, this application is so well-designed and easy to use that even people with no knowledge can easily get handy with it in no time.

2.1: Minspy lets you enjoy awesome benefits

Whenever you consider using an app, you want it to offer some great features and benefits. Only then does investing in it seem worthy. Well, you don’t need to worry about all that when using Minspy since it gives you access to a host of great features and some awesome benefits:

  • You can view a list of call logs, all the messages sent or received, and even track the GPS location of the cell phone.
  • You can track website browsing history and monitor all online activities including social media platforms and instant messenger chats.
  • Users can also get access to media files and can view all the photos and videos stored on the cell phone or exchanged over chats.
  • The app provides a 100% web-based solution so that you don’t need to install it on your cell phone to perform monitoring. It works in complete secrecy and stealth mode while collecting data from the target device.
  • All data collected from the target iPhone is relayed to an online dashboard without any physical access to the target device.
  • It provides complete privacy to the users and doesn’t save any of the data it collects, thus reducing the risks of data theft.

To top all of that, the app comes at an extremely affordable price and you can get access to 35+ features by purchasing a single subscription. What’s more, you can even take a FREE live demo to get a feel of its working before you purchase its license. It’s a steal deal really!

Part 3: Here’s How You Can Set Up Minspy on iOS

To give you a heads up on how to use this tool for the first time, Minspy incorporates a self-generated setup bot that explains to you the functionality of the application and guides you through the configuration process.

In order to use this application, you need the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone to gain access to its iCloud storage. It then syncs up with the iCloud backup to pull out all the data and relay it in real-time to the online dashboard.

Let us now see the exact steps for setting up Minspy.

Note: Minspy is compatible with the latest iOS versions.

Step 1: Using your email address, you need to create a free account with Minspy and then select an appropriate subscription plan. These subscription plans allow you to monitor a single or multiple iPhones.

Step 2: After successful registration, you will be asked to identify the OS of the target device. In our case, it will be iOS as we will be spying on an iPhone. After selecting iOS, you need to provide the iCloud credentials of the target device.

After the authentication of provided credentials, a connection will be established with the target device and it will start syncing and retrieving data into the dashboard.

Step 3: At last, you need to finalize the installation and click on the ‘start’ button to get access to the data collected.

To Wrap it Up

There are many iPhone spying options available in the market, but Minspy is considered to the best out of them. Its advanced UI and coherent features allow users to perform remote iPhone monitoring efficiently and in no time.