Kahoot has become a popular game-based learning platform used in classrooms and businesses around the world. At the heart of the Kahoot experience is the game pin – a unique 6-digit code that allows players to join a specific Kahoot game. Let’s discuss what Kahoot Game Pin is, how it works, and how to get it.

What is a Kahoot Game Pin?

A Kahoot game pin is a randomly generated 6-digit numerical code used to identify and access a particular Kahoot game session. When a host creates a new Kahoot game on the platform, a new game pin is automatically generated.

The Kahoot game pin acts like a password, allowing only intended players with access to the pin to join the game. This prevents random players from accessing the game and maintains the integrity of the learning experience.

The 6-digit pin contains numbers 0-9 only. No letters or special characters are used in Kahoot game pins. This allows for simple and straightforward input of the code.

How Game Pins Work

The functionality of the Kahoot game pin is simple yet effective:

  • The host creates a new Kahoot game on the platform, and a unique 6-digit game pin is randomly generated.
  • The host shares the game pin with intended players – usually verbally or by displaying it visibly.
  • Players go to kahoot.it or the Kahoot app and enter the game pin to join that specific game session.
  • Once the correct game pin is entered, players are connected to the live game hosted by the host.

This mechanism allows for easy joining of the right Kahoot game with a simple 6-digit code. The random nature of the pin ensures each game session has a unique access point.

How to Join a Game with the Pin

Players have two main options to join a Kahoot game using the game pin:

Via Website

  • Go to kahoot.it
  • Enter the game pin in the ‘Game Pin’ text box
  • Enter your nickname
  • You are now in the game lobby

Via Kahoot App

  • Open the Kahoot app
  • Tap ‘Join’
  • Enter the game pin
  • Enter your nickname
  • Tap ‘OK’
  • You are now in the game lobby

In both cases, the game pin acts as the key to accessing that specific live game session.

Game Pin Security

The Kahoot game pin provides a level of security for game sessions. As an access code, only players who have the pin – usually from the host directly – can join the game. This prevents random outside players from interfering with a live game.

Additional options like the “Two-Step Join” feature add further security by requiring players to enter a visual pattern after the game pin. This ensures only those physically present with the host can join.

The temporary nature of game pins also enhances security. Pins expire after the game session ends and cannot be reused. New pins are generated for each game.

How to Find Kahoot Game Pins

Since game pins are randomly generated and temporary, finding a live Kahoot game pin to join can be tricky. Here are some methods players use:

  • Receive the pin directly from the host running the live game
  • Physically see the game pin displayed in the game lobby on the host’s screen
  • Search for active game pins posted online (risky and not guaranteed to work)
  • Use Kahoot game pin generator sites (usually not functional)

The most reliable method is getting the pin directly from the host. This ensures you join the correct game every time.


The Kahoot game pin is an integral part of the Kahoot experience, providing a unique identifier and access point for each game session. The 6-digit code keeps games secure and enables easy joining. Understanding how game pins work helps hosts and players use them effectively to deliver engaging learning through Kahoot.