Not many years ago, console and desktop games were making the switch over to mobile platforms. Today, mobile platforms are amongst the most popular when it comes to casual gaming, which includes casino games. While there is still quite a few Desktop only games mainly because of the sheer raw power that the platform offers, almost every other game has at least diversified into mobile platforms like Android and iOS.

Today casino operators like Nettikasinot ilman rekisteröitymistä are slowly but surely shifting their focus towards online gaming and, in particular mobile games. Smartphones are now becoming the go-to platform for casino games like slots, table games like Poker and roulette, and even scratch card games. Mobile platforms today are more powerful than they ever were before, and the proliferation of the devices means that playing casino games on a handheld makes more sense for most people. That has led many casino brands like Vegas Mobile to design mobile-only games in some cases, which says a lot for a company that has in the past had many desktop exclusives.

Everyone Has a Smartphone

Today, almost everybody has a smartphone that either runs the Android operating system or iOS by Apple. Both major platforms are home to an increasing number of casino games. One reason being that everyone has a smartphone, even people without a computer have a smartphone. So, mobile casino games are accessible by anyone and everyone. Plus, platforms like the App Store, and PlayStore, make distributing and advertising these games a lot easier. If anything, it is a win-win for casino operators looking for ways to diversify.

Mobile Casino Games Can Be Conveniently Played

Unlike on a desktop, a mobile casino game can easily be downloaded, paid for, and played. Since most people already have electronic wallets on their phones, it makes paying for a game like poker or slots immensely easy. It is the type of ease that was unheard just a few years ago.

The availability of smartphones also gives developers an opportunity to come up with unconventional casino game ideas. So, there is no reason for casinos to only offer traditional games. Furthermore, there is a lot of research that shows a growing demand from younger players for games that require a higher degree of skill than just good luck.

Smartphones allow Casino Games’ Apps to Use 265-bit Encryption and Beyond

Mobile platforms, by their very nature, were built from the ground up with security in mind. Everything from encryption to certificates is built into the chips and software, which allows apps to become more secure as a whole. Casino apps are unable to access private information like GPS coordinates, phonebook contacts, photos, and videos without asking for permission first. That layer of security makes people more comfortable downloading and installing apps on their devices.

Also, because there is money involved both with paying for a game and withdrawing winnings security is always going to be a concern that mobile platforms address best. That is why people choose to have mobile wallets but will not store sensitive payment information on their desktop computers.

The Easy Availability of Casino Apps

It takes only a few sections to download a casino app from Google’s PlayStore or Apple’s AppStore. That’s in contrast to a desktop computer where the user would be required to visit the casino’s website, download and install the app from there. So, those extra steps are eliminated on mobile platforms.

Easy to Push Notifications like Promotions and Bonuses

Online casino operators already successfully utilizing mobile platforms, confess that it is far easier to push notifications and upgrades. That is why people using mobile casino apps are invited for more bonus games, packages, and other promotions than their desktop counterparts. Plus, it gives users the opportunity to play games for free and only play for money once they like what they see.

Many Land Based Casinos Are Already Using Mobile Apps

Many land-based or traditional casinos are already using mobile apps for casino games like live Poker, roulette, and innovative new slot games. The idea for all casinos is to diversify, and mobile platforms give them an opportunity to do that effectively. Furthermore, it is cheaper to develop games for mobile platforms in the long-term because updates and bug fixes can easily be pushed. It is also easier for casinos to receive feedback from players and see in real-time, which of their games are doing better than others.


Mobile gaming, for the most part, is the future for online gambling and online casinos in particular. Casinos that aren’t already taking advantage of mobile gaming have started moving towards it. Furthermore, casino apps are improving with more casinos seeing the benefits of investing more money into making their apps valuable to users. Furthermore, more powerful microchips easily translate to better looking and performing casino games, which most people enjoy playing.


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