In 2022, the transparent smartphone, Nothing Phone 1, made headlines with its unique design and innovative features. As the excitement around the first edition continues, the much-anticipated successor, Nothing Phone 2, is set to launch in July 2023.

This new iteration promises to build on the successes of its predecessor, offering a sleeker design, upgraded performance, and an enhanced user experience.


Let’s dive into the details of what we know so far about this minimalist smartphone with a transparent design.

Design: The Transparent Aesthetic Continues

The Nothing Phone 2 retains the transparent design aesthetic that made the original phone stand out. It features a flat, side-saved design, similar to the Nothing Phone 1, but with several improvements.

Bezel-less Display and Punch Hole Camera

The bezels have been reduced to create an almost bezel-less display, offering a more premium experience. Moreover, the side punch hole for the front camera has been moved to the center, a change appreciated by selfie enthusiasts. This relocation provides a more symmetrical look to the phone’s front side and enhances the overall visual appeal.

Aluminum Frame and LED Strips

The phone’s body is framed with aluminum, providing a sturdy and premium feel. The transparent rear glass features LED strips, adding to its modern and minimalist appeal. These design elements combine to create a sophisticated, futuristic look that sets the Nothing Phone 2 apart from other smartphones on the market.

Red LED Indicator and Mysterious Switch

Additionally, the red LED indicator has grown in size compared to the first edition, giving the phone a unique and recognizable appearance. There’s also a mysterious switch that could potentially function as a mute switch, providing users with quick access to silent mode.

Display: A Brighter and Smoother Experience

The Nothing Phone 2 boasts a 6.67-inch Super AMOLED display with a high refresh rate of 120Hz, providing users with smooth visuals and an immersive experience.

High Refresh Rate

The 120Hz refresh rate ensures that scrolling and animations are fluid, reducing motion blur and jitters. This improvement is especially beneficial for gamers, who will enjoy more responsive and smoother gameplay on the Nothing Phone 2.

Enhanced Brightness

This time, the phone offers an impressive 1200 nits brightness, which should significantly improve outdoor visibility compared to its predecessor. With this increased brightness, users can comfortably use their phone even in direct sunlight, without straining their eyes.

Camera: Enhanced Photography Capabilities

The Nothing Phone 2 steps up its photography game with a triple-lens camera setup, departing from the dual-camera configuration of the Nothing Phone 1.

Triple-Lens Camera Setup

The new arrangement is horizontal, with all three lenses offering a 50MP resolution for full symmetry. This design not only looks visually appealing but also provides users with versatile photography options. The additional lens is expected to improve the phone’s capabilities in capturing wide-angle shots, low-light photography, and more.

Upgraded Front Camera

The front camera has also been upgraded to a 32MP sensor, delivering better selfies and ensuring a more detailed photography experience. With this improvement, users can expect sharper, more vibrant images from their front-facing camera.

Performance: Powerful and Efficient

The Nothing Phone 2 comes equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Plus Generation 1 processor. Although not the latest chipset, it was once featured in flagship phones and offers amazing power and performance.

Smooth Gaming Experience

With increased efficiency over time, this processor should provide a smooth gaming experience without significant heating issues. The Snapdragon 8 Plus Generation 1 chipset is renowned for its ability to handle demanding games and multitasking, ensuring that the Nothing Phone 2 can satisfy the needs of even the most avid gamers and power users.

Ample RAM and Storage

The rumored specifications also include 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, ensuring plenty of space for apps and media. This generous memory allocation will allow users to run multiple apps simultaneously without any noticeable lag or slowdowns, providing a seamless multitasking experience.

Software and Battery: Reliable and Long-lasting

When it comes to software, the Nothing Phone 2 continues to impress with a clean UI and timely updates.

Software Updates and Security

Users can expect three years of major Android updates and four years of security updates. This commitment to software support provides a reliable and up-to-date experience throughout the phone’s lifecycle. By staying current with the latest Android features and security patches, users can enjoy a safe and enjoyable smartphone experience.

Clean User Interface

The Nothing Phone 2’s clean user interface enhances the overall user experience, providing a straightforward and uncluttered environment. By minimizing bloatware and unnecessary pre-installed apps, the phone ensures that users have a hassle-free experience right out of the box.

Battery Life: Balancing Performance and Longevity

The Nothing Phone 2 is powered by a 4700mAh battery, offering ample capacity for daily use. This battery size should ensure a good balance between performance and battery life, making it an attractive choice for those seeking a minimalist yet feature-packed smartphone.

While specific details about charging capabilities have yet to be revealed, it’s reasonable to expect that the Nothing Phone 2 will support fast charging, providing users with a quick and convenient way to recharge their device when needed.

Switching off…

The Nothing Phone 2 appears to be a strong contender in the smartphone market, with its unique transparent design, improved performance, and enhanced camera capabilities. As we eagerly await the official launch, only time will tell how well the device performs and whether it lives up to the hype.