Are you a Pokémon Go game freak? Then, you are sure to love the Pokémon Go accessories that we have collected for you. Have a look at the top 10 awesome accessories listed below!

You are not living alone under a rock, are you?

Two of the new Android apps released last month have been creating a huge buzz all around the world since its launch; one is Prisma and the next one is Pokémon Go. The second being popular, caused a significant increase in the income of Nintendo itself.

Have you ever disappointed to see your dying phone in the middle of a gaming session? It’s common. And, you might have also found it difficult to shoot with Pokeball. That’s why I wrote this article to help you efficiently play the game. You might be the best at playing Pokemon Go like a pro, but you certainly need something extra to be perfect!

I have included a few accessories that acknowledge your love towards the game as well.

Pokémon Go Accessories

At the end of the description of each accessory, I have included the link to purchase it. You can buy it right away if you like the product. So here you go!

#1. Pokemon Go Pokeball Aimer

Pokemon Go Pokeball Aimer

Even though you are a master in Pokeball shooting, you found it difficult at first, didn’t you? Being a beginner in the game, one can’t precisely shoot to catch Pokémons.

So, this accessory will come to rescue you. You may be astonished to see it. But the result it brings is one hundred percent. You can apply this one on your phone to get a small straight channel through which you should be shooting whenever you see a Pokémon.

You will not curse the app anymore, nor will you miss the shot. One unfortunate fact is it is of the size of iPhone 6 only.

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#2. I-Mate Bike Mount

I-Mate Bike Mount

Do you play the game while you ride your bicycle or motor bike? The quest for Pokémons may end in the hospital if you keep on doing that.

I recommend using a bike mount for this regard as it will not force you to take your hands away from the handle. Being adjustable this bike mount will not create problems in containing most of the 5 and 5.5-inch phones.

The accessory is made of rubber and the lifetime warranty gives future-proof protection.

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#3. Battery Pack Charger with Smartphone Grip

Battery Pack Charger with Smartphone Grip

You need to get yourself out into the street to catch maximum Pokémons. Owing to the activated mobile data and GPS, your battery backup does not last long. There you need a battery pack.

Why don’t I go with regular power banks? Simply because they don’t have a smartphone grip to hold the device! So, you will have to use both your hands to carry them. How will you play then?

CTA Digital’s battery pack here comes with a smartphone grip and it has a whopping 9000 mAh capacity, which is enough to charge most of the phones twice.

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#4. Pokémon Go One Hand Easy Catch Holder

Pokémon Go One Hand Easy Catch Holder

Maybe you don’t like using a plastic accessory to show yourself the path for shooting (refer to the first product in this list).

One hand easy catch holder for Pokémon Go is pretty innovative to help you hold your phone steadily while playing the game. You can purchase it in eight different colours for only $18.

Sure it offers the best grip and comfortable feel to the hand.

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#5. Pokémon Go Pokeball Keychain

Have you got a number of Pokémon Go fans as friends? What if I tell you a way to make them jealous of you?

Well, this could be it; Pokémon Go Pokeball keychain. You can buy it for barely $3. And, it offers maximum value for money being made of an alloy.

You can buy either the bronze version or the silver.

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#6. Pokémon Pokeball Round Shift Knob

Pokémon Pokeball Round Shift Knob

Just like the previous product I shared, this too makes your friends go crazy behind you.

You can show others that you are an avid Pokémon Go player by applying one of these two gear shift knobs you can buy for only $22.

The accessory is made of high-quality resin and it’s durable.

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#7. AYL Bluetooth Headphones for Pokémon Go

AYL Bluetooth Headphones for Pokémon Go

You should use a headphone to get an intensive playing experience. As you are going outdoors to play the game, I don’t recommend using a pair of wired headphones.

So I searched for the best-value-for-money headphones and here it is. AYL will not charge you a hundred bucks for an amazing headphone. You can get it under $30 and worth more than that.

The product is on Amazon’s best seller list (read the reviews on the sales page).

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#8. Pokémon Go Case for iPhone

Yeah, manufacturers have released Pokémon Go style cases to let the craziness rolling.

So far, I have found the cases for iPhones only. Maybe you can come across something similar for another phone on other marketplaces. I recommend going with Amazon.

The design of this case resembles with that of Pokeball. The red, white and black colors will silently announce your unconditional love towards Pokémon Go.

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#9. Pokémon Go T-Shirt by LeRage Shirts

Here comes another way to acknowledge you are an avid Pokémon Go gamer.

The T-shirt includes Pokeball along with a cool slogan on it; I’m Just Here for the Pokémon Go. Leave Me Alone. Isn’t this cool?

You can purchase it in five different sizes. The same shirt for ladies is also available.

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#10. Pokémon Go Cap

Flyme has manufactured a range of beautiful Pokémon Go accessories for the fans. The cap here is available in different colors.

You can grab one for only $8. They have a few backpacks on Pokémon as well.

The dimensions and weight are comfortable. And, you can adjust the back strap to fit on your head.

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Wrapping Up

It’s been only a month after Pokémon Go’s release. So, you will see a rush of accessories in the future as well. I have handpicked a few from Amazon available right now. Just stay tuned for more here! Meanwhile, you can go through some alternatives of Pokémon Go game if you are done with the game