If you love to watch movies, web series, TV shows and other content online then this is the right place for you here, on this platform Roku Com Link Device provide you a full facility to watch this type of all online content very easily with this device. You just have to do is connect your roku player with your TV and also connect with the internet. Then you have to register your Roku Com Link account to start watching online program.

Moreover, Roku Com Link device is very easy to setup and don’t slow down internet speed hence, you make your watching experience more and more smooth without any buffering process. Roku.com/link offers you a many popular channel such as Amazon, Netflix, HBO and Google play to watch online your favourite shows or movies. If you face any problem with this device then we will suggest you how to setup Roku Com Link Device and find activation code guide below.

What Is Roku Streaming Device?

It is definitely one of the best online media player and really popular among American citizens because it is an American media player company product. Roku is providing its users to access videos, movies, TV shows, audios and many more online channels. Otherwise this company makes different software and hardware products also along with media player.

Features of Roku Com Link Device:

  • First of all the device provide you a HD picture quality.
  • It has an advance remote control system which you can use to easily control your device.
  • It provide you a wireless streaming which you can use anywhere from your home.
  • Advance voice search option with artificial intelligence connectivity.
  • Very easy to portable device from one place to another place.

How To Create Roku Account With Easy Method:

You have to create a Roku account to link your Roku device with it. It helps you store your subscriptions, channels and connected devices.

1#. Firstly open Roku website and click on the sign in button.

2#. After that click on Create Account and fill your details required for account.

3#. Then you have to enter product PIN to conformation your purchase on the store. Then here, you saw you’re billing details.

4#. Here, you have a two choice of payment one through PayPal and other is with credit card.

Following The Steps To Setup Roku.com/link with the Device:

Just follow the given steps setup roku com link with your device with easy and simple process.

Step 1#: First of all you have created your roku account completely.

Step 2#: After that plug in your roku device with the TV and select language.

Step 3#: Then select your desire connection its wireless or with wired.

Step 4#: Now link your Roku account with the device.

Step 5#: After that, select your favourite channels that you want to watch regular basis.

Step 6#: Wait for a minute then the device will update your selected channels list.

Step 7#: Done

Following The Steps To Setup Roku.com/link with the Wireless Device:

If you have selected the wireless option while installing, then you have to follow below steps to connect the device.

Step 1#: Firstly, Select the wireless option and then provide your wireless preferences.

Step 2#: Then, tap on the connect button.

Step 3#: After this, if you can see three green check marks then network connected successfully.

Step 4#: Otherwise, if you see the red check mark, then contact our service support team to find the solution.

Step 5#: After finding solution link device properly. Done

Final Words

Hope this above guide gives you a proper help to connect or link your Roku Com Link device with your TV. However, there will some problem with it but we have a proper solution regarding this problem. Hence, these types of errors couldn’t affect your entertainment. Roku Com Link Device is one of the desirable platforms for the entertainment.


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