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We all know that Football is one of the most popular sports game all around the world. It’s a proof that football is more popular than any other sports like cricket, tennis, hockey, basketball, racing, etc. along with football game its players are also more popular than any other sports person. According to some global report football has more than 3 billion fans. Moreover, this game makes people together, nations together and increase joy and happiness between countries.

Apart from that, there are a lot of reasons to love football. I’m damn sure that each and every one of us has their favourite team and favourite football player. However, I am a big fan of two players because I can’t judge two of them because they both are a masterpiece in their own field, technique, skill and talent and the names are Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. No doubt there are many legends and a great player in this sports but these two are clearly insane amazing and best in class and nobody matches their level. Now, let’s dive into this article about the website. Here, we will discuss each and everything of this site with you. know Everything About This site

As the name suggest this website provides each and every detail connected with Cristiano Ronaldo. This official website founded in November 2010 and gets more and more popularity day by day. This website mainly focuses on the Juventus, Real Madrid and Portugal football team. If you are a big fan of Ronaldo then this one is the best place for you guys. One thing I clarify with you is that this is not the official site of Christiano Ronaldo. It’s a fan base site and managed by Ronaldo fans.

Moreover, provides full-on detail about Ronaldo and update you every time with the latest news about Ronaldo. However, there are many sites that provide fake news but this is not one of them because you can find real and true news every time from this site. Here, below in this article, I will tell you about everything on the website. Website Full Specification

1#: Home Page – With Description

Nothing goes wrong when we say that the homepage is the heart of any website because the first impression is the last impression and you can see the first thing when you open any site is the home page. If you love the home page of any site then you love the site also. First, you can see the image of CR7 in Juventus jersey and then scroll down there you can find upcoming live football matches. Apart from that, you can click on the FULL SCHEDULE menu and it will show you information about upcoming matches. Moreover, there are some more menu which are navigated on the left and right side.

2#: News Page – Get Up to date regular

The news page is as the name suggests this feature provides all the latest news about Real Madrid, Juventus and Ronaldo himself. Along with that this menu, you will get informed about the hard work and dedication of Ronaldo. There is some news are available in the top with images. If you want more news then go to the NEWS menu option and get full of information about it.

3#: Gallery & Videos – Feel Closer To CR7

Now, we have a photo gallery and video pages and that you going to like because that provides you superb and amazing photos and video watching experience. On this page gallery section, you can find a huge collection of CR7 images. And in the video section, there are many types of videos such as goals video clips, documentaries, biopic and TV ads included.

4#: Stats page – Update with Ronaldo Achievements

Next one is the statistic report of Ronaldo. Here, you can find all the records and achievements created by Ronaldo in the past. There are list type reports first total goals report cards in different leagues or tournaments. Moreover, there is a year-wise goal scorecard along with penalty, head and left and right foot.

5#: Shop – Buy your favorite stuff related to Ronaldo

Last but not the least page is a shop here, you can buy everything that you like most of Ronaldo stuffs and that is either its jersey, Ronaldo sports shoes, boots match tickets everything is there on the website. here, you can Purchase very easily, you just have to select the thing and click on the buy option after that it provides all the purchasing details with price. That’s it.

6#: Biography Page – Feel Ronaldo’s Life

If you want to know every other thing about Ronaldo then this menu is best for you that is the Biography page, it provides you all the life history of Ronaldo. On the first page, you can see details of his biography such as name, age, birthplace, birth date, height, weight, favorite things and much more. After that, you can find a full description of type story from his birth to till date and you guys love this story to know some secret things or unknown things about Ronaldo.

7#: Extra – Everything that you don’t know about CR7

You will find all the real information about Ronaldo in the above suggests all the pages but this one is one another page. Here, you can find things that you haven’t find on any of the above pages. Here, you can find details about his training and his routine exercise and practices. Moreover, the extra things you can find about Ronaldo on this page are his motivational quotes, his fashion details, and hairstyle, etc.


If you are a CR7 fan, then you will surely love this site Or you have to know some untold things about Ronaldo then this is the right place for you. Here, you can find each and everything about Ronaldo without a doubt. With the help of stay update about Ronaldo’s game and lifestyle regularly.