Wondering how to send a free fax from your smart devices?

Well…! You will be heapy to know that you are in the right place. There are many online fax service providers available on the internet, but Let me introduce the latest and reliable online fax service provider CocoFax. 

Let me tell you first, that computers and Fax system operates on different languages. Like the people having different languages. Yes…! It is difficult to manage these two in one place, but what if I tell you it could be Possible? What if tell you it is so easy to send Fax like sending normal conversations.

You will be happy to know that with CocoFax 30-Days Free Trail you can send a Fax without any machine headache.

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Ways to send Fax 

For official communication, people are pointing Fax as their preferred method. You have two options to send a fax, one is through a machine and the other is online.

Sending a fax through a machine could be a slow, cost full,  and headache process for official communication. In fact, people who own fax machines are throwing it away and using a more convenient way to communicate.

But now with the advancement in technology and according to the needs of people CocoFax has managed itself to provide an easy, fast, FREE and reliable way to send faxes. Yes, now you can send and receive faxes free from your computer.

What is CocoFax?

CocoFax is providing next-gen fax solutions for you. It is providing business-class communication solutions to its customers by minimizing the hardware requirements.

CocoFax has made it easy for every individual to send free fax from computer and all other smart devices. It is painless for every person, who employs fax in their day to day communication. Now you can send and receive faxes from your computer, iPhone, Android phone, Mac. 

By using CocoFax services you are not limited to these devices, CocoFax is flexible to every single device, which is connectable to the internet. 

CocoFax has helped countless professionals and business owners to solve their Fax problems and providing them a reliable solution to grow review. Without any hidden costs, CocoFax’s main aim is to provide users oriented fax service. 

With its countless features, you will feel like driving smoothly on the plain road.

CocoFax Features

CocoFax opens those doors which you can not access with Fax Machine. CocoFax has manded itself according to the needs of users. It is a fully latest, easy, user-friendly, reliable, fast and secure way to send Faxes.

With zero hidden-costs, CocoFax is providing such a great line of features:

  1. 30-Days Free Trial
  2. Free fax number 
  3. Email to Fax Solutions 
  4. Delivery Reports for Faxes 
  5. Safe & Encrypted Faxing 
  6. Permanent storage 
  7. Smartphone faxing
  8. Mobile App
  9. 24/7 Live Support
  10. Searchable Faxes
  11. International Faxing

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Send Fax by using CocoFax service

Cocofax is providing different ways to send and receive free fax online. But the question is How to use these methods?

Don’t worry just follow this guide and follow each step. If you are really serious about using this Fax service, sign up on CocoFax and perform all the steps one by one, in a new tab by accessing your CocoFax Dashboard.

How to Send Fax through your Online Browser

If you are really interested in using CocoFax as your trusted partner, just follow the steps below and you will be on the Fax flight.

Step 1: Sign-up for CocoFax’s 30-days free trial, and choose your Free Fax Number. You can also choose your own Fax number. 

After signing up you will be redirected to your Dashboard to CocoFax. You can access your dashboard from anywhere in any computer device by using your login details on CocoFax’s website.

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Step 2: On the corner of your Dashboard, you have to click on the “Send Fax” button, to send Fax. A fax creation popup will appear.

Step 3: In that Popup, you can enter your Fax details in the available fields. 

  • Enter the fax number of the receiver in the “To” field.
  • Identify your fax by adding the heading in the “Subject” field.
  • You can make your fax attractive by adding a cover page, it will appear on the first page of the receiver.
  • In the end, you can add different attachments of different forms. CocoFax allows you to add any file formate which you wanna fax.

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After sending the fax you will get a confirmation message on your Dashboard, and if it is not, you will be notified by details. These details will also be sent to your registered E-mail address.

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CocoFax works as a runway, mostly unsuccessful transmission occurs when the receiver’s machine is offline of disturbed.

How Fax from Computer via Email

fax from gmail

If one way is not enough, you can also send Fax b using email. As I have mentioned earlier, that CocoFax is providing flexible ways to end Fax.

Your email client and the Fax machine on other ends, CocoFax workes a bridge. 

A piece of interesting news is you can use Gmail, Yahoo Mail, or any other client to send a fax through email.

Step 1: Sign up CocoFax with it’s 30-Days Free Trials. Keep in mind that, CocoFax’s email service works on that email which will be used for signing up.

Step 2: Now open your email client website. For example, if you are using Gmail that open your Gmail account and log in to it.

After logging in, click on the “Compose” button with a colorful plus (+) icon to create a new email.

Step 3: An popup on the right side of the screen will appear. You have to fill the following fields for this purpose:

  • In the “To” field, enter the fax number of a receiver with @cocofax.com. For Example, if your receiver is using a fax number like “678912”, then you have to enter it like 678912@cocofax.com.
  • The “Subject” field is related to the heading of “Main Purpose” to send this fax.
  • In the “Body” field you can enter your text message, which you want to send. You can also leave it empty if you want to fax only a file or document.
  • The attached files should be one of the pdf, doc, Docx, Xls, xlsx, png, jpg. Keep it in mind that your attached file shouldn’t contain any special character or the ampersand (&) signs.

send fax from gmail with cocofax

Step 4: At the last, just click on the “Send” button, and let the magic begin. CocoFax will receive and translate it as a Fax for the receiver’s fax machine.

After sending the fax you will get a confirmation message, and if it is not, you will be notified by details.

That’s it, look how easy it was to send Fax, by using CocoFax. Yes, it is coming up with Basic and Premium plans to use its service. But, I think it’s a good investment to make your business smooth and keep running.