Shopping and paying safely online

Shopping and paying safely online

People are getting busy due to the dynamic workload. We don’t have the time to spend hours in the physical stores. Physical stores are focusing on the eCommerce section since people are more comfortable buying products from the eCommerce site like table cloths, watches and more. But when you shop from an online store, you give vital banking details. If hackers manage to get credit card information, they can easily steal your money. Though most of the eCommerce companies are taking strong steps to protect their customer data it is not enough. The customer needs to know the process of paying safely online. Read this article as we will highlight very useful tips that can save you from hackers.

Reputations of the website

The first thing you should consider is the reputation of the website. They might provide a safe payment portal but who knows whether they are storing your credit card information and selling it in the black market. You need to shop from the reputed websites. So, how do we know whether the company is reputed or not? For that, you need to do basic research on the internet. It will take less than 30 minutes to know the INS and OUT of that company. If you feel satisfied with their online reputation, it is safe to assume they will not sell your data in the black market.

Website security

Many e-commerce site are selling excellent product and they have very transparent business policies. But when it comes to the security of the website, sadly, they are not smart enough to secure their website for their customers. Even though they might provide the best deals, you should not be buying a product via a credit card. Look for the cash in delivery option so that you are not giving them your banking details since they don’t have strong security on their website.

Use a VPN

Using a VPN can provide excellent security who loves to shop online regularly. The VPN will encrypt your request and no one will be able to decipher the details. Try VPN for free and you will feel safer while shopping online. When you will enter the credit card details, the website owners or the hackers won’t be able to track your location. You will remain anonymous and it’s a great plus point when it comes to hiding the identity from the bad guys. We are not asking you to buy the VPN right not rather we are asking you to use the trial version. See the amazing features that it can offer. Assess the features along with the price point and decide whether you will reinforce your security or not.

Use a secured internet connection

Thousands of people are purchasing products by using public Wi-Fi. But getting your device connected to the public network and using it to purchase the product is a great threat. The hackers are always peeping through the public network and searching for weak spots. If your security is not that great, they easily stole the information. Some smart hackers will track down your time and steal all the money when you are at deep sleep. So be careful about the public network as they are not safe at all. Using the mobile data connection is much better when it comes to online shopping?

Enable two factors authentication

Most of the major banks are now offering two factors authentication method. Whenever your card is charged, a one-time password is sent to your device. You need to enter the one time password into the system within a specific time frame or else the credit card will not be charged. Some of you might think the two factors authentication method is a painful process but it works like a life savior. Even if the hackers get all the information related to your credit cards, debit cards, etc., they won’t be able to steal your money unless they get the code sent to your phone number. So, always use the 2FA method as it will pave a safe path to pay online.