Snapchat is one of the coolest social media platform – the fact that no one can deny.

The reason behind Snapchat’s success is its cool filters, which can change your face within no time at all. Once you find and add people or friends on Snapchat on iPhone and Android, you can share those funny pictures with filters easily with them.

But, sometimes these Snapchat filters do not work on Android or iPhone, and that is where you get irritated. we have found the solution to fix the Snapchat Filter Not working Issue.

Snapchat Filters Not Working on Android/iPhone? Try those Six Solutions to fix it

Solution #1: Try and Update the Latest Version of Snapchat

The reason behind certain filters working and certain aren’t could be that you are using an older version of Snapchat. It is always a good idea to have an updated version of any app for that matter. So just go to Google Play Store on Android phone and App Store on iPhone and check whether any update is available or not. If there is any, do update your Snapchat app.

Solution #2: Check the Lights

To get the best results out of Snapchat filters, you got to have your selfie taken in good light. Because of dull or very less light the Snapchat app will not be able to read your face in the best way possible, and hence the filters won’t work, so always click your selfie when you got the best of light around you.

Solution #3: Follow the Instructions from App

There are certain filters in Snapchat which needs certain kind of gestures from your face like to open your mouth a bit more or raising your eyebrows etc. and if you follow these instructions then only you can get the filters to work. So don’t feel shy just follow the instruction and get the best out of Snapchat.

Solution #4: Reboot Your Phone to Make it Fast

There could be some reason (less memory could be the major one) for your smartphone working slowly. If your iPhone or Android phone is slow, then you probably won’t be able to see filters popping up while you hold the picture. So, the good idea under the circumstances is to reboot your phone and get the filters working.

Solution #5: Is Your Internet Running Good? Check It

Snapchat needs good Internet speed always, so if your Internet is slow then also the Snapchat filters will not work on your Android and iPhone. So we can only advise you to get a good speed ISP and start enjoying your favorite filters on Snapchat.

Solution #6: Remain Updated

There are some promotional filters available just for the time being on Snapchat. The promotional filters are available generally for newly released movies and once the movie gets old by few weeks that particular filter doesn’t remain on Snapchat. So, if you are not aware of it, then you will keep on searching for that filter or even if you get that filter, you will not be able to execute it. The only solution to this is to keep yourself updated with Snapchat filters.

These were the best solutions we gathered through our experience of using Snapchat. Do tell us out of these, which solution worked for you and your Snapchat filters started to glitter again?

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