How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

How to Spy on Someone's WhatsApp Messages Without Them Knowing

It is very casual today that every cell phone has WhatsApp installed in it. People use WhatsApp more than they use their usual cell phone text messages and calls. It does get suspicious and annoying when a person spends plenty of their time texting on WhatsApp instead of spending time with their loved ones in reality. What should be your next move when this happens? Well, let us tell you what should be your next step by introducing the best spy app for WhatsApp.

First thing first, tell yourself everything is under control if you suspect your life partner is cheating on you. Second of all, rely on a spying software that can track the WhatsApp messages on your partner’s phone without him/her knowing. Do not worry, we are not leaving you alone to search for the suitable spying app. We are coming with you, guiding you through every single step, with hand in hand.

What does Spyic have in Store for You?

Spyic is your go-to spy app when it comes to spying on someone’s WhatsApp messages without them knowing. This app gives you access to the person’s WhatsApp, where you can see who your partner is texting till four in the morning. It lets you track every single activity of WhatsApp without a single doubt of suspicion. 

Spyic also gives you access to the media shared on the WhatsApp chat box and recorded voice notes. You can listen to all the calls that are taking place on the target WhatsApp. Here are some of the features mentioned that can be accessed on whatsapp though spyic.

WhatsApp Messages.

By tracking the WhatsApp text messages via spyic, you can see who sends the most messages and who receives the most messages. Spyic makes it very easy to monitor the texting activity on WhatsApp. By a simple click now, you can keep up with every move of the person you are spying on. 

WhatsApp Status Activity.

Mostly people hide their status from some specific people whom they do not want to know what is happening. If you fear your loved one is hiding his/her status from you, all you have to do is trust spyic. Spyic will give you full access to the WhatsApp app, where you will be easily able to see the statuses and the specific people the status is hidden from.

WhatsApp Calls.

Nowadays, people call others on WhatsApp more than their phone number because WhatsApp has made it so much easier. Well, spyic makes it even easier for you to track your loved one’s activity, it allows you to see whom he/she calls at midnight on WhatsApp. This feature allows you to listen to the calls through the granted access to the app through spyic. You can also see the contact list on WhatsApp of the person you are spying because spyic gives you access to the contact list of WhatsApp as well.

WhatsApp Voice Notes.

Spyic surprises you even more when it allows you access to the voice notes sent and received on the WhatsApp of the person you are spying on. You can listen to all the voice notes without getting noticed.

Access to WhatsApp Messages on iOS.

  • Sign up to the Spyic app and select a bundle that you think suits you best since you need access to WhatsApp only, the premium bundle can be very cheaper. 
  • Fill in the spyic app login page with the iCloud username and password of the target phone if you want access to WhatsApp on an iPhone.


  • After you have signed up and synced with the device, you will have access to the dashboard, look for the social media apps tab and click WhatsApp on it.
  • Now you will see the live WhatsApp activity of the target phone on your web browser.

Access to WhatsApp Messages on Android.

  • If you want to spy on someone WhatsApp messages on an android device, install Spyic and sign up with a Gmail account that is verified.
  • After a few minutes, you will see the dashboard that has a bunch of features of the target android to spy on, choose WhatsApp from this list of options.
  • Now you will see that you have complete access to the WhatsApp app of the target android via any web browser.

Our Conclusion.

Spyic is easily the best spying application if you are using it to spy on someone’s WhatsApp messages. This app is trustworthy and dependable. Spyic allows you to check and read somebody’s WhatsApp messages on both the android and iOS devices. This app is very silent and almost works as if it is not installed on the target phone. The target person you are spying on will never come to know that you are spying on his/her WhatsApp messages.