The Most Efficient Apps to Improve Your Academic Achievements

Are you a student who wants to improve a college score? Explore the selection of the best mobile apps to enhance your academic achievements in this post.

The Most Efficient Apps to Improve Your Academic Achievements

Every student has a smartphone in the digital era. With the help of these small devices, learners can perform a large number of everyday tasks. Moreover, a smartphone can help undergraduates improve their academic achievements at college. Let’s review the top apps that help students boost their learning and maintain a high college score.

Chegg Study 

It is a leading-edge mobile application that helps students do their homework when they’re stumped. The app brings access to more than 35 million questions with answers, textbooks, and video guides with step-by-step explanations.

The application also foresees the ability to snap a problem and request an expert to find a solution for you. When an answer is ready, a user receives a notification.

Google Socratic

If you don’t want to spend hours looking for a solution, this app is a must-have on your smartphone. The application from Google has rich functionality. Using this app, you can snap a math problem and get it resolved in a few seconds. Also, it shows a step-by-step process of getting a solution.

In case you have a question in any other subject, specify it in the app. Google AI will show you visual study guides or surf the Internet and bring the most corresponding search results.

Google Drive

It is one of the most popular cloud-storage apps. It benefits students by making the file-storing process hassle-free. Also, it allows learners to create shared folders and documents to cooperate with other students.

Therefore, if you pay people to do homework, you can ask them to upload your assignment on a cloud drive to access it from any device. Consequently, you’ll have the ability to check your paper using a smartphone, tablet, or a shared computer with ease.


Do you learn a foreign language and want to master your skills? Download the #1 language learning app. You can specify the level of your language proficiency and start learning from a corresponding level.

It foresees the ability to learn more than 30 languages for free. A large variety of lessons helps improve vocabulary, learning grammar rules, and improving pronunciation in short and fun lessons.

If you’re an international student with poor English proficiency, do not hesitate to install this mobile application. It brings access to over two million definitions and synonyms. If you don’t know a word’s meaning, this app will bring you a detailed explanation in less than a second.

It also checks the correct pronunciation, examines your level of knowledge, and helps learn new words constantly using the word of the day feature.


In case you want to learn new skills, use Udemy. It is a comprehensive app that brings access to tons of video tutorials, both paid and free. Udemy has a convenient to use interface and a lot of helpful features.

For instance, you can set reminders so that the app will keep you notified not to forget to watch a video lesson. Also, you can broadcast videos on a TV or download them to learn new skills offline.

If you have poor writing skills and always surf the Internet, trying to find an answer to the question, “Who can write my essay cheap?” do the following. Open the Udemy app and enroll in one of the 509 free and 9248 paid writing video courses available on this platform.

Exam Countdown Lite

It is a great app to keep yourself updated about ongoing exams to prepare for them. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface. You can create a limitless number of reminders, set up icons, color, and a deadline. Consequently, you will always have the ability to keep yourself updated about further exams.

Microsoft Office Lens

As everything in the world becomes digital, it’s vital to have an app that scans documents in one click. Microsoft Office Lens is one of the best apps that can turn a smartphone into a scanner.

Point your smartphone’s camera on a sheet of paper or blackboard at any angle and hit the shot button. Consequently, the application will make a perfect scan copy and save it in different ways.

Grammarly Keyboard

Do you want to write without any grammar errors on your smartphone? Install the Grammarly Keyboard and start writing without any misspellings. The keyboard has a smart prediction feature to type faster and smart auto-correct. It also offers word suggestions to write with confidence.

Must-Have App for Students

All learners who want to enhance their productivity and learn faster have to install the Forest app on their devices. Using this application, you can plan virtual plants and expect a particular amount of time when it’s growing.

However, the app blocks your smartphone. If you disable the focus mode, a tree dies. Therefore, to grow your forest, you need to keep your phone unlocked and focus on your assignments only.