We all know how expensive Bucks Parties can be, and how difficult it can be to come up with the perfect idea for what to do – something fun, not too clichéd or hard to pull together. One top plan is to sort out a day at the races, so here are a few tips to help you on your way.

Pick a date

The first thing to decide is when you are going to have your party. Check out what is going on at the racecourse or courses that you might attend, there could be something wonderful going on that would be perfect for your party, a major race or day. Alternatively if you already have a specific date in mind you can see which course might be the best for you, and really we know any day at the races will still be fun.

Check availability

Most courses will have some sort of booking option, where you can rent out a function room, area of the stands or say that you are having a Bucks Party and let them tell you what they have to offer! You may prefer to have an exclusive place or be mixed in with the action, it’s up to you so have a think about what kind of day you are looking for and then see if it is available. At Rosehill races today, for example, they boast a compact top notch grandstand for a world class immersive experience, as well as private terraces, cocktail bars and private suites; plenty of choices to find your perfect day.

Sort out your outfits

Again it is worth checking your specific racecourse for the dress code which can vary from ticket to ticket and on different race days as well. For general admissions the code is usually more relaxed, and you may even be able to dress up in some crazy and amusing outfits! Some people do come to the races in costume, and it can be a fun and enjoyable part of your Bucks Party, but be sure to check the rules. For some tickets and some days you may not be allowed entry if your dress doesn’t meet the dignity and standards of the racecourse, and this is a sure fire way to ruin a good party!

Decide on food and drink

Most courses will offer a variety of options to cater to your dining needs, from posh 5-star sit down affairs to takeaways and even picnics, so again have a look at the options and decide what would best suit your party. Picnics can often be the most fun without breaking the bank, and some places even allow you to bring your own drinks, though there are sure to be plenty of bars too for you to wet your whistle, and even do a bit of a crawl. From cocktails to a classic cold beer there will be something for everyone in your party.

From outfits to tickets to food and drink there are many things for you to decide when planning your Bucks Party, but remember that most courses have hospitality services to make this as easy as possible for you, with great staff and facilities to ensure you have the perfect day out at the races, so get booking!