Twitch Prime Pack 2 was an exclusive bundle of cosmetic Fortnite items offered for a limited time in 2018. It gave Twitch Prime members the chance to unlock rare outfits, back bling, pickaxes, and emotes by connecting their Twitch and Epic Games accounts. Here’s what exactly Twitch Prime Pack 2 included, how gamers could get it, and why it was only available for a short period.

What’s Included in Twitch Prime Pack 2

Twitch Prime Pack 2 contains four premium cosmetic items for Fortnite Battle Royale, including:

Trailblazer Outfit

This is a Legendary rarity outfit featuring a rugged orange jacket with an intricate back tattoo and rope accents. It transforms the look of player characters like Ramirez into a survivalist wilderness explorer. 

True North Back Bling

A matching Epic rarity back bling shaped like a camouflage backpack with straps, a bedroll, and a canteen. It complements the Trailblazer outfit perfectly.

Tenderizer Pickaxe

An Epic harvesting tool looking like a giant meat tenderizer with a crowbar wedged into its head. The combination of a hammer and pry bar make it a unique dual-purpose pickaxe.

Freestylin’ Emote

A new Rare emote that triggers an animated breakdance sequence with spins and flips. Lets players show off their moves with a flair.

These four items were only unlockable through Twitch Prime Pack 2, making them exclusive and rare. They provided players with fresh looks to customize their characters beyond the usual in-game cosmetics.

How to Get Twitch Prime Pack 2

Gamers could only claim Twitch Prime Pack 2 between May 9 and July 11, 2018. To get it, they needed an active Twitch Prime subscription along with an Epic Games account.

The steps to acquiring this pack were:

Step #1 – Sign up for a Twitch Prime trial or paid membership. This required linking an Amazon Prime account.

Step #2 – Create an Epic Games account if you didn’t already have one. This served as their Fortnite player account.

Step #3 –  Link the Twitch Prime and Epic Games account either on Twitch connections page or directly within Fortnite.

Step #4 – Claim the Twitch Prime Pack 2 from the Fortnite lobby before the July 11 expiry.

The bundle would then automatically be credited to their account and available for equipping on characters. As long as players completed the linking process, they could access the Pack 2 items at no extra cost with Twitch Prime.

Why Was It Time-Limited?

Twitch Prime Pack 2 was only available between the mentioned dates in 2018. This created exclusivity and scarcity for the included cosmetics. There were a few reasons for the limited-time availability:

  • To incentivize new Twitch Prime sign-ups during that period to drive subscriber growth. Offering unique Fortnite cosmetics appealed directly to the platform’s gaming audience.
  • Keeping pack availability short added prestige and demand for the skins. Players had to act fast to acquire the items.
  • Allowing Epic to partner with Twitch for future exclusive packs. Making packs temporary retained their ability to create fresh content.

The time-limited availability made obtaining Pack 2 feel like an exclusive opportunity at the time. It quickly became a coveted set of cosmetics among dedicated Fortnite fans. Twitch Prime Pack 2 gave Twitch Prime subscribers some free and rare skins for a limited window in 2018. It included the Trailblazer outfit, back bling, pickaxe and emote. By linking Twitch and Epic Games accounts, players could claim the Fortnite cosmetics before the offer expired. The pack’s temporary availability made its contents more prestigious.