Are you looking for free unblocked music sites to access music from your school, college or office? This is very common to receive blocked error messages in the school or colleges while surfing through some entertainment websites. Generally, music websites are restricted in most of the school, colleges, and office due to some specific reason. In those places, you won’t be able to access a bunch of sites including, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, music and movie websites. Because school or college administrator knows that giving access to those sites will lead students to waste time on listening to music. This helps students to focus more on studies. But as a student, it feels annoying not to get access to any source of entertainment.

If you are a music lover and can’t live without listening to music, then I have good news for you. You can actually get rid of those blocked sites with some unblocked music sites for school, office, and college. Generally, every school uses to follow a similar pattern to block all the entertainment sites which contain most of the popular music sites, but there are some other music listening sites available which excludes from those lists because they are not so popular. So today I am going to tell you some of the best unblocked websites for music while you are at school, colleges office and other workplaces.

Best Free Unblocked Music Sites for School 2020

These unblocked music websites are very easy to use. Most of the sites have a simple web design, and one can be easily able to listen to music.

Below are my favourite music sites which I often use in my college to listen to music without getting noticed by anyone and the best part is you will find them unblocked in most of the school, colleges, and office.

1. Grooveshark  (

Grooveshark is the ultimate destination for everyone who is looking for a solid music website that is unblocked in most of the places. It has thousands of free music to listen without creating an account. Songs are distributed in all the popular categories including Rap, Hip-Hop, ’80s, Jazz, Industrial and many others. It has the option to register but you can choose not to and still be able to access this unblocked music site at any given time.

2. Soundzabound  (

When it comes to school music site, then this music site always comes to mind. Soundzabound is a dedicated music site for students and schools. This is also one of the legal unblocked music sites where you can easily get free royalty free music and sound effect for your school. Soundzabound also offers free mp3, tracklist and other music related stuff for free. This is the official music site for the school, so it has mostly remained unblocked in most of the school.

3. Playlist Sound (

Playlist Sound is a long heard name when it comes to music for school. With thousands of songs in the database, Playlist Sound become an obvious choice for every student. This is clear navigating music streaming sites with all the features that you generally find on paid networks. Being able to search for music by name, album, artist, and genres make it easier to find a song. No compulsory login or sing up is the perk for everyone who just wants to listen to a few songs without wasting time.

4. Slacker  (

Slacker is another music unblocked site for most of the workplace, college, university, and schools. The Slacker has a huge list of music, and anyone can easily access the unlimited number of music free. Slacker won’t ask you to register or log in there so that you can actually access any music without wasting much time. Slacker features a powerful search bar on the homepage where you can search for songs by music name, album and artist name. You should give a try to this free unblocked music at school.

5. ClearlyDrunk  (

I love the name of this site. OK, let me come back to this post. CLearlyDrunk is a proxy server which is mainly focused on online streaming sites like music, movies, and videos. With ClearlyDrunk you can access to any blocked sites for free. It works like any other basic proxy server, but the main feature of this website is its speed. As I already said, ClearlyDrunk is made for streaming sites. Thus it provides maximum speed to access any blocked music site for free.

6. PureVolume (

PureVolume is one of the most popular music streaming sites that is not blocked in both schools and colleges. PureVolume is not just another music platform. It is a social network for artists and other who have interest in music. You can upload your own songs to share with others or you can listen to songs that are uploaded by other users. Also, you can get information like name, artist, release year for any song.

7. Song Area (

Song Area is one of the oldest music websites. It has a very old fashioned web interface which many people might not like, but if your intention is just to enjoy some unblocked music then this site is just perfect. You will find this site not blocked in most of the places including schools, colleges, and offices. The homepage of this website lists all the popular songs, or you can use the search bar to search for any particular songs for free. The alphabet shortlisting is also another good feature of this unblocked school music site.

5 more free Unblocked Music Sites at School, Colleges, Offices and Work Place

I have discussed 7 best music sites that are unblocked in most of the place. There is some other too. Here I am shortlisting 5 more music streaming sites in this category Like all the above 7 sites, these sites also accessible from almost all the schools, colleges, office and other workplaces.


How to Unblock any Music Sites at School and Workplace

The sites that I discussed and mentioned the above are some of the best free unblocked music websites that usually not blocked by most of school and college management. Because those are very less known sites and now most of the people know them as a gateway to listen to free music without getting caught. But it is also possible that your school administrator already knows about those sites and blocked them by your school. In this situation, you couldn’t access those music sites.

But, I don’t want you to leave this page with dissatisfaction. Now, I am adding some simple tricks that you can use to access any blocked sites in your school, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other music sites.

#1. Use Proxy

Proxy is a useful web-based service which masks your IP with a new and helps you browse the internet anonymously. As it makes you anonymous, you can easily access any of your favorite music sites easily. There are thousands of free proxy servers available, and I already covered a separate article with 100+ proxy server list 2015. Go and check that article.

#2. Use ZenMate

ZenMate is a Google Chrome extension which works exactly like a proxy server. But this one is very easy and straightforward to use. Zenmate is a VPN app which helps you to mask your IP with a new IP and helps you to unblock any blocked music sites. After installing this extension, turn it on and change the location to some other countries. Now open your favourite music site and this time you will not get any blocking issue.

#3. Google Translate

Google Translate is not just a translate service, if you use smartly, then it could be a lifesaver for you. Google Translate is mainly for translating one language to another and this is why it unblocked in all the places. To unblock any music site for school you need to enter the URL of the music site in the box then translate it to another language. Then again translate it to your native language. This time you will see this unblocked your blocked website. The best things about Google translate is it super-fast and the 2nd thing is it accessible in every school and colleges.

#4. Use VPN

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is also a great way to get access to free unblocked music websites. Zenmate is a perfect example of VPN. The only problem with Zenmate is it works only with Google Chrome browser. If your school doesn’t have Google Chrome then you won’t be able to use music unblocked websites. But there are hundreds of alternatives to Zenmate which also worked perfectly and most of them are free. Some of the best free VPNs are CyberGhost VPN and GeoSurf.

Listening to music in school is not a good habit. You might miss some of your important lectures or it may lead distractions. The above sites are only for educational purpose and one should use them only when they need it most.


So, that’s in my article. In the last, all I want to say is the above 10 unblocked music sites are the most common music sites that you can find unblocked in most of the school, colleges, and universities. But this is also possible that those sites are blocked by your school administrator. If that you are facing then kindly use other methods that I discussed above to unblock music sites or any other site for that matter. If any of the above sites worked for you, then please let us know in your comments so that it will help others too. And also if you know any other good website that you think would fit this article then please share with us and we will let others know about that site.

We here at request you share this post with your school buddies and colleagues and help us to spread the voice for unblocked music sites.


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