Virtual greyhound racing is the latest computer simulated sporting event to gain popularity in the gambling industry. Fans appreciate that they can place bets on virtual matches at any time of day or night, regardless of the weather or anything else that could get in the way of a live match.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know to start enjoying what many think could be the future of dog racing.

Did you know that Greyhound racing can be traced back to events held by the Ancient Egyptians in 2,500BC?

The long, lean and exceptionally fast breed of dog known today as a greyhound has been prized by many cultures for its immense beauty and agility. In the United Kingdom, dog races were a favorite activity of the nobility for many centuries. It wasn’t until 1926 however that the first official public greyhound racing track opened at Belle Vue, Manchester.

Since that time, greyhound racing has grown into a very popular sport – you can give it a go over on Despite its popularity, the sport has become increasingly controversial as time as gone on. Currently, greyhound racing is only legal in the following 8 countries: UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, USA, Vietnam, China and Mexico. Even in these nations, though, the sport is in decline. That’s why for fans of greyhound racing, virtual races could offer the boost of sustainability this sport may need to be able to endure.

Rain or Shine, Day or Night: Virtual Greyhound Racing is Always Available

Greyhound racing has been scrutinized by lawmakers around the world. They argue that the sport is inhumane because it uses live bait to motivate the dogs and because the animals involved do not live very long lives once they are past their prime.

Virtual greyhound racing is the perfect solution to these complaints because it offers a very similar experience to live events without threatening the lives of real dogs or the hares they often chase during races. What’s more, because virtual greyhound races are available whenever gamblers want to play them, there are even more opportunities for fans to enjoy the sport without even having to leave their homes.

Historic Greyhound Races:

For many diehard fans, virtual greyhound racing is unable to create the same intensity and experience that can be found at live events held at racetracks. Fortunately, though, the technologies involved in this new area of gambling are improving all the time. Currently greyhound racing technologies offer a highly realistic animated experience which uses advanced algorithms to choose winners.

For many greyhound racing fans, virtual greyhound racing can be a fun way to supplement trips to the racetrack and provide more opportunities to gamble on the sport they love. Furthermore, because watching a streamed race is less controversial, it is unlikely that these events will be restricted or banned. In fact, they are catching on and spreading rapidly across the UK and other important markets.

Virtual greyhound racing can be a great way to relieve stress and win real money, even late at night when all the live racetracks in your area are closed down. Because these matches are available on-demand and can be enjoyed from anywhere, you can even enjoy gambling on these anytime you have a free minute.

Enjoying the Future of Dog Racing

While a great many greyhound racing fans will not enjoy virtual races because they don’t provide the same thrills, excitement, and camaraderie as a live race, this is a sport that is increasingly threatened. As topics of environmentalism and sustainability continue to gain traction in the U.K. and abroad, it is important to consider possible alternatives.

Virtual greyhound racing is one available alternative which should allow fans of this sport to continue to enjoy gambling on it long into the future.


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